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Savage Kings #2R0U29C8, Th12 Only Wars , War Stars 1000+, Push Or Chill But War To Win, Come Join The Best, Kings and Queens Welcome, War Clan From The Kings Family, Kings Circle, Kings Rock, KR2 KR3, Lava Kings, Kings Throne, Kings Landing, Kings Axe, Kings Diamond, line bigsneddon


  • Level: 18
  • Members: 48 / 50
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Status: Invite Only
  • War Log: Closed
  • War Wins: 430
  • War Freq: Always


  • Town-Hall: 12+
  • Heroes: Maxed
  • Trophies: 3500+
  • Language: English
  • Adults Only
  • Leagues
  • Clan Games
  • Donations


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