Base Building - MLCW

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Powered By: Base Building Server

Style: Best Offense & Defense (WAR)

Start Date: 04-27-2018

End Date: 04-30-2018

Townhall Level(s): 9 - 11

Minimum # of Attacks: 8

Type: Public

Promo Url: Don't click me... Okay just once.

  • A secret prize awaits
  • Top 3 from each Townhall go to the finals in June
  • Champ Stamped via Discord

Description: The Base Building server is dedicated to, as the name suggests, base building. We support a large community of base builders from a wide range of clans. Some of us here are CWL Invite Base Builders. Others, are simply dabbling in building while they war in their non-league clan. And there are hundreds somewhere in between the two. Whatever the case, we have a huge supportive community for anyone and everyone to get feedback and tips on how to build bases

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