A Deeper Look Inside Clash Champs Tournaments

The first Clash Champs tournament went live on October 20, 2017. Since that memorable first tourney, we have had 67 additional tournaments. Some have been sponsored by partners, others have been in celebration of various holidays. But guaranteed, each tournament has been full of surprises and non stop action.

We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas on tournaments. The format types ie trophy pushing, offense, etc are generally decided by the demands of the players. “Early on when I was creating tournaments, I realized that creating the same tournament with the same look felt dull. So that’s when I coded it to handle themes where each tournament would have a new fresh look. The nice part is we’ve almost made it a year where those themes can now be reused.” Wise words from Clash Champs founder Agestar.

With the second half of 2018 already here, you can almost bet that Clash Champs has some exciting tournaments planned to entice everyone into trying their luck. Without spoiling too many surprises,  Agestar was able to give us a small sneak peek into what to expect. “We ran a very successful charity tournament with AbleGamers early on. It only felt right to use this platform to connect the community and do something to help other gamers. With that said, there’s another charity organization called Gamer’s Outreach that helps children in hospitals by providing gaming carts. I’ve connected with a few streamers who would love to get on board with this. I think this will be even bigger than our finals. I’m totally stoked about it! You should expect to see a new tournament following our finals called Gamers Outreach.”

If you would like to get in on any of the tournament action, be sure to visit the Clash Champs website to register and sign up! https://www.clashchamps.com/tourneys/



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