New Town Hall Upgrade Priorities 2019

This article contains my thoughts on the priority of upgrades for any new town hall level you reach. Following a certain order of upgrades will make loot and war attacks easier. However you do upgrades should ultimately suit your style of playing.

I always recommend maxing out your base out and ensuring your storages are full before your Town Hall upgrade finishes.

You should have at least 3 Builders if you’re TH7 or lower and 4 from TH8 and higher. Otherwise, focus on pushing trophies to get the gem reward for purchasing the additional builder. Save all gems gained from removing obstacles and events until you can purchase additional builders.

Upgrade priorities for any new town hall is one thing, but it’s also important that you use your Builders effectively. You want to to keep all your Builders busy with upgrades. Planning ahead will help you get the resources needed for upgrades. Separating your builders helps you prevent creating a big weak spot in your base. For instance if you send all builders to upgrade 4x ADs simultaneously, getting all the gold may be a problem. You then may not use your elixir properly and your base will be very vulnerable against air attacks.

Most Important Upgrade Priorities: Laboratory, Spell Factory, Barracks

Upgrade Laboratory, Spell Factories and Barracks

As soon as your Town Hall upgrade ends, you should start your Laboratory upgrade. This should always be your FIRST priority! This will ensure that you can start your troop/spell research while you are focusing on other building upgrades. DO NOT let your Laboratory stand still. Plan ahead and have it constantly doing research. Generally researching will take as long, if not longer, as upgrading your buildings.

Second and third most important upgrades are Barracks and Spell Factories. Try to get at least one elixir and one dark barrack done. Upgrade both Spell Factories as soon as possible. Unlocking new troops and spells will enable you to start research in your Laboratory. In addition to being able to upgrade them, you would be able to use them in war/loot attacks. REMEMBER: If you have troop potions available, you can use all troops/spells at the max level allowed by your Laboratory.

Clan Castle & Army Camps

Upgrade priorities Clan Castle Army Camps
Upgrade Clan Castle and Army Camps

The extra troops/spell space gained from upgrading your Clan Castle makes a huge difference offensively and is yet another top priority. The same applies to army camps. Getting army camps upgraded early, will greatly assist in loot and war attacks.

New Buildings

Upgrade priorities new buildings
Build new buildings and upgrade to current levels.

In general, it’s better to place and build all the new buildings first instead of starting upgrades on existing (except the above-mentioned upgrades). New buildings are cheaper and faster to complete than an upgrade to a higher level. DPS (damage per second) gained from adding new defenses are mostly the same as upgrading expensive higher level defenses with longer upgrade times. Therefore, start placing new defenses as soon as a builder/loot becomes available.

Build all the new traps and walls with no upgrade times first. And upgrade new defenses to the same level as the current defenses before upgrading them to the new Town Hall levels.

Laboratory Upgrades

Upgrade priorities laboratory upgrades

My advice to everyone is the same. Upgrade the troops you use the most, first. I do know that some players prefer to upgrade war troops first. You need loot troops to GET the resources to be able to research war troops. Also, remember you do two war attacks every other day, compared to ten – fifteen multi-player attacks every day.

As long as you keep your builders working and your laboratory busy, your base will grow and improve in no time! Happy Clashing!

Quick List:

  • Make sure you have enough builders
  • Fill up your storages before your town hall upgrade ends
  • First priority: Laboratory, Spell factories, barracks
  • Second priority: Clan Castle, Army Camps
  • Third priority: Building new buildings and getting them on level


I hope this upgrade priority helps you. Please keep in mind that I focused on having it all ordered so you can have a peek. In the end, you always need to prioritize one thing over this list – never have an idle Laboratory, never have an idle Builder.

If that happens just go for upgrades instead of waiting, no matter what that upgrade is. Upgrading everything in Clash of Clans takes years and having idle Builders won’t help you get that done faster.

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