Th5 Upgrade Priorities 2019

town hall 5 upgrade priorities

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First Priority! 

As mentioned in New Town Hall Upgrade Priorities , upgrading your Laboratory and building the Spell Factory is the most important thing to do first.

Then you should build the additional Walls you get to 100 wall pieces. This will help you protect the most essential buildings in your base. Building them won’t take any time and the resources should also be no problem.

Now you can start building the new Army Camp (and upgrade it along with the others to max level right away) to take more troops into battle.

Then you should build and upgrade your new Elixir Collector and Gold Mine. The longer you have them the higher the profit will be because they will generate loot for every day.

Defense Upgrades

When you have done these upgrades you can start working on your defensive strength.

First of all, build the new Archer Tower and Cannon (these won’t take much time and will fill out your new base design) and then the Wizard Tower. The Wizard Tower is extremely helpful against attacks with Archers and Barbarians.

Now it’s time to upgrade your Barracks to get the Wizards and also your Mortar, Wizard Tower and Air Defense.

After that you should max your Cannons and Archer Towers.

In the last step make sure to upgrade and max out your Storages and Collectors and you’re ready to go to Town Hall 6

Quick List:

  1. Upgrade Laboratory & build the Spell Factory
  2. Build the new Wall pieces (upgrade them from time to time when you have some leftover resources)
  3. Build the new Army Camp & Upgrade it along with the other Army Camps to max level
  4. Get the new Mine & Collector and upgrade it
  5. Build the new Archer Tower & Cannon
  6. Build the Wizard Tower
  7. Upgrade the Wizard Tower, Mortar and the Air Defense to max level
  8. Max out your Cannons and Archer Towers
  9. Max out your Storages & Mines, Collectors


I hope this upgrade priority helps you. Please keep in mind that I focused on having it all ordered so you can have a peek. In the end, you always need to prioritize one thing over this list – never have an idle Laboratory, never have an idle Builder.

If that happens just go for upgrades instead of waiting, no matter what that upgrade is. Upgrading everything in Clash of Clans takes years and having idle Builders won’t help you get that done faster.

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