Th6 Upgrade Priority 2019

th6 upgrade priorities

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First of all it’s time to get a new base design and you can check some new base designs out here:

First Priority!

As mentioned in New Town Hall Upgrade Priorities 2019 upgrading your Laboratory and Spell Factory is the most important thing to do first.

After that it’s important to get additional troop space by upgrading your Army Camps.

In between you can build the additional wall pieces to get your new base design set up. That won’t take time and you won’t need to upgrade them right away.

The last high-priority upgrade is the Clan Castle. You will benefit greatly from this. You’ll have to do it sooner or later so better do it as early as possible to benefit from it.

Now it’s also time to get the new Mine and the new Collector

Defense Upgrades

It’s time to build the new defenses – the new Mortar, the new Wizard Tower, the new Air Defense and also the Air Sweeper. The last two are extremely important to keep away air troops (also Healers are very popular at TH7) and the Barbarian/Archer kind of attacks.

Now it’s time to upgrade your Barracks – the best way is to always have one Barracks upgrading while building the new defenses to still be able to produce troops in a decent amount of time.

Don’t forget to upgrade your new defenses to the same level that your other defenses of that kind are.

Now you need to upgrade all defenses to max level. Focus on Air Defenses and Wizard Towers first and then on Mortars and Archer Towers. The Cannons and the Air Sweeper are the last in the priority of defense upgrades you should do.

In the last step you should max out your Mines, Collectors and also your Storages. That can also be done while your Town Hall upgrades to Level 8.

Quick List

  1. Upgrade your Laboratory & Spell Factory
  2. Build the new Wall pieces and upgrade your Army Camps
  3. Place the new Mine & Collector and upgrade it a little bit (until the above upgrades are done)
  4. Build the new Wizard Tower, Mortar, Air Defense and Air Sweeper
  5. Upgrade your Barracks while upgrading the new defenses to the same level of the rest of your defenses of that kind
  6. Max out your Air Defenses & Wizard Towers
  7. Upgrade Mortars / Archer Towers to max
  8. Max out Cannons & Air Sweeper
  9. Max out Mines, Collectors & Storages


I hope this upgrade priority helps you. Please keep in mind that I focused on having it all ordered so you can have a peek. In the end, you always need to prioritize one thing over this list – never have an idle Laboratory, never have an idle Builder.

If that happens just go for upgrades instead of waiting, no matter what that upgrade is. Upgrading everything in Clash of Clans takes years and having idle Builders won’t help you get that done faster.

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