Clash of Clans Update Sneak Peek – New Town Hall 13 Defense – The Scattershot!!

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On the fourth day of Clashmas, Supercell gave to us… A catapult? No!!! It is a Scattershot!

Level 2 Scattershot
Th13 new defense

This Christmas Update will bring us the new defense: The Scattershot! This new defense at Th13 will target both air and ground attacks. The Scattershot will fling its bundle of loosely-tied rocks at its targets, upon impact the bundle will break apart and cause additional damage to the units behind the initial target in a cone-shaped blast. It will be interesting to see how this will affect all the popular attacks using the Bat Spell.

Scattershot Information

  • Range: 3-10 Tiles
  • Damage Type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Favorite Target: Any

The Scattershot will take 15 days to build costing 15M Gold. Upgrading it to level 2 will take 17 days and 17M Gold. Magic items would sure come in handy when building or upgrading this new defense.

Sneak peeks we have seen so far…

Clash of Clans has made several revelations over the last few days and we have shown you everything up to date. First we had the Jolly Barbarian King that you can get by purchasing the Gold Pass in-game. Followed by the reveal of the Giga Inferno and the Siege Barracks. We are super excited to see what sneak peeks Clash of Clans has in store for us over the next few days!

Winterjam is still on for a few more days, where all Home Village buildings, walls and traps are on 50% discount. Get ready for the Christmas Update and the new defense, the Scattershot, by treating yourself to the Gold Pass this Festive Season!

Love what we do? Support us by using the creator code Clash Champs while making any new purchases in-game.

Happy Clashing!

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