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On December 6th at 10am EST, eleVen Original, Team Queso, Nova and WHF will fight off to claim the title of the TH12 Champion! Catch the Live Stream here.

Team Bracket
Source: ESL Clash of Clans Twitter

Each team has earned their place, from the original 374 teams that registered, 320 could check in and 296 inevitably competed in a single elimination tournament until just the 4 remained!

We saw some amazing teams try out, but not all could make it. World Championship finalists MCES were a surprise early knock out in the R256. WHF in their path to the final 4 managed to take down not one, but two World Championship teams in Tribe Gaming and then Queen Walkers!

The Qualifying Teams

Whilst all 4 teams qualified, not all remain the same. In Nova for example, Youzi Pi was unable to attend so XC has taken his place. Similarly, in eleVen Original, neither MUDDA nor eVe VISION were available and have been replaced by Vale and eVe MAXI. Team Queso remains unchanged as does WHF.

Team Rosters for the TH12 Cup


It appears every team is fielding a mix of players that have played at big events and those that haven’t. It could be argued that WHF is the least experienced on the big stage as every other team has players who have not only appeared in Katowice, Poland for the World Championship Qualifiers, but also competed at the World Championships themselves. To underestimate them based off this, given they have experience under the lights and cameras from ESL One New York where they won the S2 ESL Mobile Open, would be foolish

Outside of the money there is of course glory and reputation on the line, not to mention some great friendly rivalries. In their first match eleVen Original who are part of the Tribe Gaming family go up against Team Queso. Team Queso of course beat Tribe Gaming to secure 3rd at the World Championships.

Source: ESL Clash of Clans Twitter

And WHF and Nova… Well, just last week these two clans faced off in what may be one of the greatest ends to a CWL Elite war seen in a very long time. Nova completed a perfect war with their last possible attack whilst WHF hit triple after triple on their run home but came short of equaling Nova’s perfect on their very last hit due to an OP Seeking Air Mine sniping the Warden at the worst moment. RIP.

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You can watch the full video here.

Breakdown of attacks during single elimination

Breakdown of attacks

Lastly, let’s take a quick look at each clan’s path to the final 4. Despite performing offensively the poorest,eleVen Original were the standout clan defensively. Only giving up 3 triples to their opponents as well as holding on to a defensive 1 star. Nova and Team Queso were offensively on another planet, both hitting triples at an incredible impressive 70% strike rate including a perfect war for each of them. Although only giving up 5 triples like Team Queso and WHF, Nova was technically the weakest defensively as the only team not to have a defensive 1 star.

Who will come out victorious in the TH12 Cup? Considering everything above, we have absolutely no idea. Who do you think will end upraise the TH12 Cup in victory?

This article was written by Spackman Gaming

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