Clash of Clans Update: New Hero – The Royal Champion!!

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On the sixth day of Clashmas, Supercell gave to us… Finally! A brand new hero! The Royal Champion!!!

Clash of Clans describes her as the “Commander of the royal armies, the Royal Champion is as fierce as a winter storm and equally as fearless“.

Royal Champion

This Christmas Update will bring us the Royal Champion, the first new hero introduced into the game since the Grand Warden on Town Hall 11. From what we have seen so far this Warrior Girl will be a force to be reckoned with. Is it possible that she might be the strongest of all the hero’s yet? Only time will tell, but we believe she could very well be. It would be interesting to see all the exciting new strategies this Champion brings to the game.

She is able to hop over walls and drive her spear into her favorite targets: defenses. Her true power is revealed in her Seeking Shield Ability which is awesomely destructive! When her ability is activated she hurls her shield across the battlefield and it will target the closest four defenses regardless of range, dealing all of them damage. Wow! Of all the new things we have seen this may be a REAL game changer!

Royal Champion Stats

Royal Champion
Royal Champion
  • Level 1 Cost: 120,000 Dark Elixir
  • Favorite Target: Defenses
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Movement Speed: 24
Level Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost DE Damage per Second Hit Points Regen Time Ability Level
1 NA 120K DE 374 2950 31mins 0
2 1d 130K DE 383 3000 31mins 0
3 1d12h 140K DE 392 3050 31mins 0
4 2d 150K DE 401 3100 31mins 0
5 2d12h 160K DE 410 3150 34mins 1
6 3d 170K DE 418 3200 34mins 1
7 3d12h 180K DE 426 3250 34mins 1
8 4d 190K DE 434 3300 34mins 1
9 4d12h 200K DE 442 3350 34mins 1
10 5d 210K DE 450 3400 37mins 2
11 5d12h 220K DE 458 3450 37mins 2
12 6d 230K DE 466 3500 37mins 2
13 6d12h 235K DE 474 3550 37mins 2
14 7d 240K DE 482 3600 37mins 2
15 7d 245K DE 490 3650 40mins 3
16 7d12h 250K DE 498 3700 40mins 3
17 7d12h 255K DE 506 3750 40mins 3
18 7d12h 260K DE 514 3800 40mins 3
19 7d12h 265K DE 522 3850 40mins 3
20 7d12h 270K DE 530 3900 43mins 4

Seeking Shield Stats

Royal Champion Seeking shield
Seeking Shield
Level Damage Health Recovered # of Targets
Level 1 1260 1700 4
Level 2 1460 2000 4
Level 3 1660 2300 4
Level 4 1860 2600 4

Sneak Peeks Up to Date

Clash of Clans has made several revelations about the Christmas Update, the Royal Champion our newest hero does not disappoint! So what do we know is coming in this Winter Update?

  • Town Hall 13 will be armed with the super strong Giga Inferno.
  • We will see the Siege Barracks bringing loads of extra troops.
  • A new defense the Scattershot – maybe bringing an end to those pesky Bat Spells.
  • New troop – The Yeti – furiously cuddly yet destructive, while carrying a basket full of protective Yetimites.
  • Finally, the brand new Royal Champion – the Warrior Hero with her Seeking Shield.

Get Ready for Town Hall 13

Now, more than ever is the perfect time for you to get your Gold Pass in-game. You will get the Jolly Barbarian Skin, but more importantly all the other rewards on the Gold Pass path will be of great value to up your game!

Love what we do? Support us by using creator code Clash Champs while making any in-game purchases.

Happy Clashing!

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