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The bilderbergs
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Clan recruitment is hard, and since global has departed looking for players has gotten even harder.We have a solution! Clans using our Recruitment Tool, like The Bilderbergs, find that looking for players don’t have to be so overwelming.

The Bilderbergs of Illumination Clan Family

The Bilderbergs Clan, #QUV2UQP8, is the flagship clan of Illumination Clan Family. They have been around for four years and recently begun a transition from a random war clan into a SCCWL focused clan. They have several 3-star specialists who are always friendly and willing to teach. The Bilderbergs Clan are recruiting non-rushed Th11+ with high level heroes in an effort to push into higher SCCWL leagues.


  • Level: 12
  • Location: International
  • Win %: 69.35
  • War Freq: Always
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Who they are:

Member of ILLUMINATION CLAN FAMILY, they are also looking for players and clans to join the family.

  • War back to back
  • Organized, take war seriously, and try to win as much as possible
  • The focus is more on effort, teachability, and learning, than on actual war outcomes.
  • Communicate on Discord (in English).
  • Help each other with kind but also honest feedback.
  • Mature and chill adults.

The Bilderbergs are looking to recruit Th12 and Th13 players who want be part of this new team. Leadership skills are preferred but not required. They have a solid core group and exceptional war record and ability. This core group are willing to teach less experienced players as well as provide a competitive environment for more experienced ones. As with any new project, one expects things to move slowly at first and steadily improve.

Recruitment feature: The Bilderbergs looking for players
Recruitment Poster

Now Recruiting:

  • Town-Hall: 12+
  • Heroes: Almost Maxed
  • Trophies: 2800+
  • Language: English
  •  Adults Only
  •  Clan Games: Max points until further notice
  •  Donations

Who you should be:

  • You want to war as much as possible.
  • Follow war plan instructions, while trying to do your best every time.
  • You like to learn and practice 3-star attack strategies.
  • Your base is not rushed.
  • Read and respond to Discord messages daily (in English).
  • You are humble, teachable, even while helping your teammates.
  • Finally, you are no-drama, laid-back, and easy-going.

Someone who is joining The Bilderbergs should expect a slow chill game chat at first. They are a friendly group that creates a supportive adult atmosphere. There are a handful of Th13 and Th12 players on hand at all times to fill requests promptly even though troops are only a discord message away if necessary.

Clan games are always maxed, therefore full participation and points are required. Discord Chat for Gamers is required and our family rules and code can be found on the family server. They look forward to meeting you and seeing you in game.

Join The Bilderbergs via Discord

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Granmasterdirty (Leader of Illumination Clan Family)

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