The Ultimate Spell Guide for All Spells by Irfan Gaming

Ultimate Spell Guide for All Spells
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This Ultimate Spell Guide for All Spells was written by Irfan Gaming Academy. Follow him on social media here: YouTubeTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Introduction to the Ultimate Spell Guide for all Spells:

In this Ultimate Spell Guide for All Spells I will be explaining proper spell usages, placements, attack strategies that synergies well with certain spells, reasons for choosing one spell over another and more so let’s get right into it.

I will be covering each and every spell individually so this Ultimate Spell Guide for All Spells might be a little long.

Lightning a.k.a Zap

Lightning spell
Lightning Spell

“Electrocute your enemies with bolts of lightning!
Cast this spell at the enemy village to damage buildings and units inside a small area.”

Lightning spell also popularly called Zap is the first spell that you unlock. It deals damage to nearby buildings (storage are an exception), opponents cc troops and hero.


The Lightning Spell was reworked to cast a single strike along with momentarily stunning the target. This rework was added in the 2020 summer update. Additionally It was made 1 housing space spell. It’s damage was adjusted accordingly.

It does equal splash damage in it’s radius now unlike pre-update when it did maximum damage where you cast it and random damage around it.

Table showing damage done by each zap spell


With this zap rework there are tons of new strategies that you can run with Zap spells some are new some got buffed with this zap rework (like perfect storm) and some are just modified version of older ones.

Some of the key defenses that can now be taken down with zap spells are CC, Enemy AQ, Scatter shots, Eagle Artillery, Air Defenses, Inferno towers and so on depending on what kind of attack you are planning to do.

Here is a table showing how many zap spells or Zap+EQ spells you need to take down each building on each TH levels. Keep in mind that the stats are shown using max EQ spells. The interactions might change if you use non-maxed EQ spell make sure to run and FC’s before you go for war/cwl hit.

Number of zap spells required to take down each building from TH9-TH13.


One of the usual target is the CC. It is because previously on higher TH levels bases were designed in such a way that the CC troops (triple IG, hound etc.) will prevent the Suicide hero value. With the zap rework if you take out the CC you no longer have to worry about the CC troops coming out and your heros can get huge value.

Here is a video showing the NEW Zap spell radius and how it works.

The heal spell

Heal Spell
Heal Spell

The heal spell, as the name says is used for healing troops back up to their full health. It lasts for a total of 12 seconds and heals in pulses (40 pulses and each pulse is 0.3 seconds). This spell also heals your Hero but they get reduced healing as compared to troops. The heal spell is the ONLY spell whose effects stacks. That is when you drop two heal spell at same time you will get full benefit of both spells(although I highly recommend not doing that).

Here is a table that shows amount of HP healed for every level.

Here is a table that shows amount of HP healed for every level.


It works best on grouped up troops such as balloons, hogs, bowlers and valks. Loons and hogs are best as you can predict where they will head as they go after defenses only. The heal spell has area of effect, it means it heals ALL troop in it’s circle. If you have 1 troop under max heal you will get 2,000 total heal value. If you have 10 troops under it you will get total 20,000 heal value (hence the logic behind healing grouped up troops).

When to heal

You should drop your heal spell in the area where your troops will go rather than where they currently are. This is because the heal lasts for 12 full 12 seconds and heals over time so If you deploy them where your troops currently are then they won’t be able to get it’s full benefit and will soon walk out of it’s radius.

Common heal mistakes

Another common mistake is I see players dropping rage and heal spell on same spot(say in core), it is not recommended as the raged troops will walk out of heal even faster (like valks or bowlers they melt the core when under rage). They should be dropped in the section where they will go after the rage. An exception to this could be the case where you need the troops to go out like a “bomb” on the core for example in frozen witch your 5 cc bowlers need heal+rage at same spot when they pop as 5 bowlers will be taken out quickly by defenses or giant bombs.

Pre- healing:

It is done when your grouped up troops are going into an area of high DPS or splash( Infernos or Scatter shots) or possible giant bomb locations. You can drop heal in advance in those areas so that troops can immediately start to get healed back up.

These spells do not have any specific strategy that it is used it is widely used in most of strategies when and were needed.

Rage Spell

Rage Spell
Rage Spell

“Enrage your units to make them bigger, faster and stronger!
Cast this to create a Ring of Rage! Your units will gain speed and attack power while they are inside this ring.”

The Rage spell is the most widely used spell in clash almost every attack strategy across all town hall levels uses one. It increases the attack speed and damage of the units inside it’s radius. It has a radius of 5 tiles and lasts for 18 seconds.

There has been a great deal of confusion regarding whether the ‘damage increase’ listed is additive (+130% damage) or multiplicative (damage * 1.3). After multiple independent tests, it has been confirmed that the increase is indeed additive, meaning that troops under the influence of a level 1 Rage Spell do 130% more damage than those that are not. (+130% is added to basic damage). i.e. their damage (D) is calculated as follows:

Denraged =  Dbase .(100%+130%) = Dbase 2.3

For example if a unit has damage of 100 DPH it will do 230 DPH while under rage.

Raged Healers

Although healers deal no damage, they can take advantage of the spell as well, as it will cause their healing to increase (and reduce the need for healing spells while the Rage Spell is active). This makes Rage Spells suitable for Queen Walks where it can be used to quickly heal the Queen when she encounters a group of high-damage defenses.

Two wall breakers under rage can take out a maxed wall of the same TH.

Pro Tip

For example while doing Queen charges and you have a rage spell dropped you can use two wall breakers to break through a wall (it can break a wall even if a small bomb is there but not placed properly).

Best way to use rage

Rage spell is best used in core as your troops are grouped up and have multiple target and they are usually high HP (X-bows, CC, TH, IT, EA etc.). In attacks such as Pekka Smash or Pekka Bobat I usually drop one Rage spell on approach as it will help my troops faster and it will help healers heal the troops faster as the healers will be under rage. The second rage will be in core as it will provide firepower for troops and it will benefit healers too.

Freeze Spell

Freeze spell
Freeze Spell

“When the battle gets hot, stay frosty!
The Freeze Spell sends out a cryogenic blast that temporarily immobilizes enemy troops and disables defensive buildings within its radius.”

The freeze spell temporarily disables defenses and/or ground and air troops from the enemy Clan Castle within a small radius. Until the spell’s duration finishes, the affected enemy units will neither move nor attack.

The Freeze Spell can freeze both Ground Troops and Air Troops (such as E-drag).

Here is a table showing freeze duration of each level of spell
Here is a table showing freeze duration of each level of spell

Freeze and hidden tesla’s

It cannot freeze an enemy Hidden Tesla before it has been revealed. However, if the Hidden Tesla is revealed while the Freeze Spell is active, and the Hidden Tesla is in the radius of the spell, the Hidden Tesla will be inactive until the duration of the spell ends.

Credit to: Derpy AKA R3aPeR from base building server for this pic.

This picture demonstrated the maximum freezable distance if there are any defenses placed outside the wall you can’t freeze the Inferno Tower and the second defense together.

This not only is the current walkability radius but should be a safe radius to put a wizard tower away from an inferno without it being freezable (if you view from base builder’s perspective). This has been agreed on by many pros. As long as the wizard tower is outside of the edge walls of the walkability, it should be unfreezable!


Freeze spell is used to freeze high value targets such as Scatter shots, X-bows, Eagle Artillery, Giga tesla/inferno, Inferno and in some cases enemy CC and hero.

I would recommend practicing Frozen Witch strategy at TH10 to get a good practice of freeze spell as that strategy involves highly around on the freeze spell usage.

Freeze spell has different high priorities target defenses for different attack strategies. You should aim to get multiple defenses under one freeze spell.

Freezing Tips:

Enemy Queen

At higher TH levels freezing enemy queen will sometimes save you from burning queen ability or a rage spell.


While doing a warden walk if a ground x-bow locks on your warden and the warden is keeping your healers then it would be a good idea to freeze the x-bow so that the x-bow re-targets to your core troops and you can get a healer switch.

Single IT

Freezing a Single target inferno when it locks on to your tanks or heros then freezing a single target inferno will reset it charge. You can practice the timing to drop the freeze spell to get the maximum value out of your freeze. Initially wait a few seconds till it is about to switch to it’s mode for highest damage then “BEFORE” it is about to start doing maximum damage freeze it. You will get the idea of this from practicing).

Multi inferno’s

Freezing multi infernos to allow your wall breakers to connect if the inferno is covering the outside edge of walls. Same when a group of troops such as loons, hogs, bowlers are approaching multi inferno.

Freeze with bats

Freezing up wizard tower and multi infernos while using the bat spell is key for success of attack as Wizard tower will 1 shot all the bats and multis roast bats very fast.

I frequently see people holding onto freeze spell for too long on wizard towers during a bat style attack and loosing all their bats just because they held freeze for a millisecond long and ended up loosing all the bats. The most recent example is in TH13 ESL 5v5 cup finals Vatang Vs Tribe Gaming. One of Vatang’s player attacked Tribe’s base and he held his freeze for long and lost all his bats (it could be said that freeze might have cost them the tournament seeing how close on the % the war ended).A 65,000$ freeze if you ask me 😉

I have seen this happening few times on live streams too of normal war attacks this is simply not worth the risk extending the freeze duration for say like .5 seconds is not worth risking the probability of loosing all your bats at once and simply failing in the attack.

Eagle Artillery (EA)

To maximize the time of freeze on EA (Eagle Artillery) freeze it when it has just completed its “reloading” animation and is about to fire its shots so that it “resets” it (just as in the case of single IT).


When using Electro Dragons (E-drag) for say electrone, mass edrag, yolotrone freezing the sweeper is a must because under normal condition an e-drag will NEVER be able to get it’s chain lightning shot off if it is getting pushed back by the sweeper as it’s charging time for the shot is high. (You should preferably not do these attack against a sweeper but in mass e-drag you most likely have to face at least 1 sweeper).


Freezing scatter shots at correct moment is also vital as it deals crazy amount of damage and can 2 shots most troops such as hogs or miners. As it huge amount of splash damage it can even take out your queen if she is on low health even if she pops here ability as the ability does not gives here enough health to overcome the insane damage it does.

Clone Spell

Clone Spell
Clone Spell

“Turn this Spell into a pop-up army! Clone Spells create a circle of spawning that creates limited-lifetime copies of troops that enter it. It will only spawn up to a maximum housing space of troops.”

The Clone Spell is a spell which clones troops that enter the spell’s radius.

These copied troops are of the same level as original troops and have full HP (unlike in Clash Royale where a clone has 1 HP). A single troop is sufficient to generate copies of itself for the housing space of the spell level. It can be used to clone ANY type of troops (except heroes) as long as the housing space of that troop is lower than the maximum allowed at that level of clone spell (increases with each level). The table below gives the information for each level.

It is the only spell in the game which takes up 3 housing space, which means it can’t be donated to others. It has a radius of 3.5 tiles.

Cloned units

The cloned units will always spawn ahead of the original units so it would be a good idea to drop the clone spell ahead of where you original troops are going so that the cloned units (which will eventually “vanish” after 30 seconds) start to tank for your original troops.


The BEST ways to use Clone spell in the current meta is in Electrone or YoloTrone attacks.


In Electrone we usually send a battle blimp(BB) (sometimes a Stone slammer[SS]) to go into a section of the base and take it out entirely the section preferably having Inferno and queen. So when the BB reaches that section we pop it open and Clone AND rage the Loons that come out of it (along with 1 E-drag which is used to take out defensive AQ). Followed up back-end Lalo attack. I would recommend taking only 1 Clone spell for TH10 as in most cases that works best so that you have enough spell support for your Lalo portion.


In Yolotrone you send in usually 3-4 E-drag into the base and then a BB or SS behind them and clone the Edrags and rage them to get the maximum value out of them I have seen this attack work best on TH11.

Here is a very interesting video by Scrappy Academy showing us how to use clone spells at TH10 and NO it is not Electrone and NO it is not even Yolotrone wrong again!.


It is GoElectrone being performed at TH10 with a WALL WRECKER yes you read that right with a Wall wrecker. In my opinion it is a very strong attack as most base builders at TH10 (even the best ones) will build their TH10 bases keeping in mind to defend against Electrone attacks by BB ( by putting sweepers so that it protects AQ, by putting SAM’s in the predictive BB path or having AD’s setup in such a way it defends Electrone’s air version). In this attack we go through ground and there is not much one can do against it. I have not seen this attack being used in meta.(because “popular youtubers” have not featured it yet). So yeah if you are a TH10 (or even TH11) I highly recommend it.

In the end of the video Nemo even explains clearly why it would hard to defend against this attack.

Dark Elixir Spells

Dark elixer spells
Dark Elixer Spells


Poison spell
Poison spell

“Give your army the upper hand against enemy troops with this deadly poison! Defending units that linger in a Poison Spell’s toxic cloud will move slower, attack slower and take damage with increasing severity over time. Poison Spells do not affect structures.”

This spell does damage and slows down all enemy Clan Castle Troops, Heroes, and Skeletons from skeleton trap inside its area of effect. Poison spell deals damage over time and if it is dropped on a clan castle troops, and if they don’t have any units on the map to aggro towards they will safely walk out of the poison spell radius.


It is best paired with Queen Charges to deal with defending CC’s quickly it significantly weakens the defending units speed and attack rate. Below is a table showing the damage stats for each level of poison spell.

damage stats for each level of poison spell
Damage stats for each level of poison spell.

It is best against swarms such as witch’s skeletons, archers, Lava hound pups and squishy troops like wizards and bowlers. Although it does not kills a high HP units such as a PEKKA or Dragon it significantly weakens their offense so your troops have an advantage.

Hogs and poison

Poison spell is also vital when you are doing a Hog attack as the ground skeleton from skeleton traps keep chasing your hogs forever. If you can, try to get the skeletons + defending BK (if you have not already taken him out with your KS) both under one poison for max. Value.

If against a Lava hound CC, poison the hound when it is about to pop, your main aim should be poisoning the pups not the hound itself.

Quick Tip

When to use Freeze instead

If you know from a scout attacks that there is a defensive cc of triple Ice golems on TH13 then I don’t feel it would be a good idea to bring a poison spell as you won’t get maximum return.

I would use a freeze instead for key defenses such as Giga Inferno or Scatter shots. The reason being that Ice golem don’t deal threatening damage that you need to lower their offense also the amount of HP reduced by poison spell on them is low, that much amount of HP can be taken by in 2 shots by a TH13 AQ.(People may have different views on this).


Haste Spell
Haste Spell

“Put some hustle in even your heaviest units! Haste Spells lack the damage boost of Rage Spells, but provide an even better boost to movement speed. A lower storage space also allows you to take more of them into battle!”

Just like a Rage Spell, a haste spell boosts the movement speed of troops in its area of effect; the Haste Spell, however, does not make them deal extra damage. Haste spell works best on units which deal high damage and have slow movement speed. Below is a comparison between Haste Spell and Rage Spells.

Haste vs Rage

Haste vs Rage

So as we already know that both Haste spell and Rage spell increase movement speed and Rage spell gives an added damage boost too. So to pick which one over the other in certain situations will be easier to understand if we see the table below.

Speed increase with haste spells
Haste Spell
Speed and damage increase under rage
Rages spell

As we can clearly see from the table that a Level 1 haste spell provides the same speed increase as a Level 5 Rage spell. So in terms of speed haste spell is way ahead of rage. Although the radius of Rage spell is more (5 tiles) than the Haste spell (4 tiles), the Rage spell takes 2 housing space while the Haste only takes one. So with 2 housing space we can cover more area on the map with hastes (2) than a Rage (1). Also Rage spell lasts for 18 seconds while the spell duration of haste increases with each level.


So if you are doing an attack say LavaLoon it would be best to use Haste spell on the edges where the loons direct target defenses and take them out in one shot (surgical deployment) you don’t need rages on edges as the balloons don’t need that extra power they only need speed so a lvl 2 haste will be much better than a level 5 rage (Max at TH9) Also using Hastes will allow you to cover more area. The Rage spell will be better in core where you have high HP structures such as X-Bows, Wiz towers you will need that extra power there. 

Haste and Dragons

I won’t recommend using haste on dragons though as they tend to split up and Rage works best on them as they have to burn through high HP structures such as storage while being attacked. As a TH8 though if you are doing mass drag you should take loons and haste in your CC it will provide you much better value than keeping a drag and any other spell in CC. 5 Max level loons and 1 Max haste can rip apart TH8 bases single handedly. Your loons under max. haste will go through the base faster than Vin Diesel’s Dodge Charger in FF8.

Haste and Loons

Sometimes on TH9 (if you are playing in less competitive environment) you can see certain bases with exposed Air Defenses(AD) which to which the loons either have direct pathing or they reach it after taking out 1 defense. For such bases simply drop your cc haste (the higher level) and 4- 5 loons and snipe that AD off.

If you noticed in your attacks Haste spell effects lasts for a short while even after they have exited its area of effect which is shown in picture below.

Quick Tip

Dropping hastes

In this screen shot as you can see the group of balloons (marked with green arrow are still under the effect of haste spell even if they have left the area of effect of the spell. We can use this to cast our spell on the “approach” to the defenses rather than on the “exit”. If you look at the defenses and spell placement at 9 o clock region you will see that my spell covered the approach to first layer of defenses (marked as blue crosses) and it “lead” my balloon to the next layer of defenses (marked as orange crosses).

So what this does is that you don’t need to drop your haste sticking to each other you can space them out and cover more space on the base with spells.

Skeleton a.k.a skelly

Skeleton(skelly) spell
Skeleton(skelly) Spell

When used, skelly spell spawns several Skeletons on the map. These spawned larry’s are very good for distracting defenses, although the skeletons have very less HP they can “absorb” 1 hit with their shield thanks to the recent rework. Skelly spells do not trigger traps or Clan Castle troops. Here are some ways we can use skelly spell to get it’s maximum value.

The most popular use of skelly spell is for taking out enemy AQ in Laloon or Hog attacks. This is most popular on TH9.


Few points to keep in mind while doing this are that the bomb tower MUST not be near the AQ as it will wreck skellies with it’s splash. If you  have say other splash units like wizard tower(WT) near it just wait for Lava hound to tank for it and then drop the skelly spell on queen (I will share a video of me attacking on a base which had AQ surrounded by 2 WT and taking her out with 1 skelly spell and rage). The rage will serve as a double purpose by raging up the loons and the skeletons both.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the queen should be standing still while you do this if you drop the spell in a compartment and queen jumps over the wall your little larry’s will simply beat through the wall and die a painful death! (But wait they are already dead, right? RIGHT?).

Skeleton spells with hogs

Skelly spell can be integrated in hog raids too. Usually in hog raid after taking out defending aq with KS we sometimes have the BK still standing still. So using a skelly spell is a good way to distract him. I learned this from my clan mates in Scrappy Nines, we then took it to another level we also combined this to take out defending skelly traps during a hog raid too.

Why is it better than poison?

Poison takes out ground skelly but it only slows down king but skelly spell starts distracting king so the king stops attacking hogs and switches to our little larry’s. Additionally it distracts defenses too.

Skelly spell are great for distracting single inferno towers(IT). Especially on those island compartment which have single IT compartments.


They also serve as a good cleanup troops too and since they do not trigger traps they won’t get hit by SB or GB.

If you drop a skelly spell and use GW eternal tome ability the spawned skeletons will also become invincible for as long as the ability is active.

Quick Tip

I believe skelly spell is all about how creative you can get with it, I think they should be buffed a little to make them more viable. Here is how many skeletons each level spawns.

Speaking about creativity here is a video that shows awesome use of skelly spells. Definitely check it out.


Bat spell
Bat Spell

“Summon an army of Bats anywhere on the battlefield! Deploy aerial reinforcements wherever you need them most. Bats do not trigger traps.”

The Bat Spell is a Dark Spell unlocked at Dark Spell Factory level 5, which requires Town Hall level 10.

Bat spell spawns several Bats on the battlefield over time (its method of spawning is similar to a Skeleton Spell). These Bats are low on health and target defenses directly. Bats do not trigger traps or Clan Castle troops.

Favorite targets

Bats go after  defensive structures first above all other targets. This is true even if they are under attack by enemy Clan Castle troops, heroes or Skeleton Trap skeletons.

Once all defenses are destroyed, Bats become like any other troop with no preferred target, they will attack the nearest building to them regardless of type, and will turn and attack enemy units they can even attack air units like baby dragon and air skelly.

Bats do less damages to some structures

The Bat Spell also deals less damage to the storages and the giga tesla. The damage dealt to them is very low as compared to other normal/defensive structures. So it might NOT be a good idea to count on the bats to take out a giga tesla (even if you freeze it) as they will go through it very slowly and you will require multiple freezes.

Popular strategies

Bat spells are currently strong in the meta at Th10, 11 and 12. There are various strategies that can be used along with them the most popular being Pekka Bobat and Dragbat. They are also like skelly spells and you can get creative with them.


While using bat spells the biggest threats are multi infernos and wizard towers make sure you freeze those when bats approach those defenses. WT will completely 1 shot all your bats and multi IT roasts them pretty fast. Also the scatters shots at TH13 also wrecks your bats with the splash damage. Due to the insane amount of splash on TH13 bat spell are almost never used on TH13. ( we are taking about 5 wizard towers, 3 multi infernos and two scatter shots).


We might see return of Single IT on TH13 to stop queen charges and YETI spam on TH13. The main reason for single IT not being viable below TH13 was that would remove lots of splash from base and bats would wreck the base. I would suggest playing around with single IT on your legend league bases because attackers can’t change armies (unlike wars). If you restrict the QC from getting value with single IT it will significantly cripple the attack(probably have a mix of multi and single on the base keep the single on common queen charges entry point). I don’t suggest doing this in wars as good attackers will find a way to beat it with mass hogs, mass miners or hybrid attack easily as they have time to plan and switch armies.

So getting back to bat spells you have two ways of deploying them:

Bat bomb:

It is the method of dropping your bats inside the base and raging them and freezing the nearby defenses so bats take them out. This is mostly done over IT or WT.

Bat Wave:

It is when bats are deployed outside the base and they slowly clump up and go on one shotting each defence. I prefer this on most bases as it gives me more control on pathing and allow me to protect my bats properly. ( I prefer attacks where I have control over the attack rather than spammy attack that is reason I hate GoBoWitch at TH9).

Other defences and bats

After WT and IT the next threat to bats would be Tesla farms, xbows and geared up archer tower (fast attack mode). These are bad for bats as they have insane rate of fire. Especially at TH10 where we get only 11 bats per spell. So the Pekkabobat is not as strong at th10 as they are at th11. At TH11 we get +5 bats per spell and more spell slots and only one more WT to deal with. I recommend taking max bat spell in your cc as a TH10 and taking the other spell (freeze/poison) in your army as a max bat spell spawns almost double the bats than the TH10 bat spell so basically you are carrying two bats spell in space of 1 spell now that’s value. Here is a list of how many bats we get for each level.

Protecting bats

Now how to protect your bats well if you deploy them in bat wave format you should initially plan their paths and know when and where to freeze the WT and IT (check their range in advance).

You can also distract WT if they are on edges with 1 Ice golem(IG), just make sure there is not any exposed defense where the IG will go rather than going after WT.

You should usually wait a little before deploying bat spells let your main push reach core and do some damage before dropping bats in the area where you need them. I used to make this mistake while I was learning bat styled attacks I used to panic and drop my bats early. In pekkabobat for example if you get healers on your troops they can go on for quite a while they are just a little slow.

Pay attention!

If you see that either your WT or all 4 to 5 beams of IT are being tanked by your core group then you don’t need to freeze them at all as they are no threat to you.

Quick Tip

Just pay attention to what they are hitting say a WT is hitting a pekka then and the pekka will stay in range then don’t freeze the WT. If it is targeting bowlers it might finish it and the WT might turn to bats. These just come from practice and the more you practice the better you will get better at it.

Dropping bat spells

Don’t drop your bat spell in such a way that they path over your air troops (say in DragBats). As the Red Air bombs (RAB’s) triggered by dragons might hit bats too. Tornado traps are a pain too they even get triggered by ground troops this is just due to bad luck if your bats get hit by them so if scout attacks are available check for them.

On Th12 players like to place tornado traps near giga tesla in most cases, or if there is a section of bases that has multiple dps or splash (say 3 x-bows and an Inferno).

Quick Tip

Here is a guide by Nemo on TH12 PekkaBoBat he loves this attack and I myself learned it from him.

Here is another one for TH11.

Jump vs Earthquake(EQ)

Earthquake Spell
Earthquake Spell


Jump Spell
Jump Spell

Well rather than going into these spells separately for both of these I am going to keep them under one topic and compare both of them pros and cons of each of them. The selection between these two spells has always a hot topic (like Messi vs. Ronaldo). It is always hard to decide whether to open more base and take EQ or to save 2 spell slots and take the Jump for small access.

In this section I will be going over why in certain situations we should use one spell over other what each spells accomplishes and then you can finally decide what spell you should use depending on your play style.

First let’s get into the basics of both.


Jump spell temporary allows your troops to “jump” over walls as if they never existed in the first place. The time that Jump spell lasts increases with increase in it’s level. Below is the table showing spell duration.

Spell duration for each level of Jump spell
Spell duration for each level of Jump spell

The radius of Jump spell is 3.5 tiles which means it should cover 7 tiles, right? But no it can actually cover more (Explained in detail in later section below).


The earthquake spell has a pretty unique mechanics it deals damages to buildings and walls (more damage to walls) NO damage to troops and storage structures. Earthquake spells make the wall disappear from the entire duration of the attack yes ANY level of 4 EQ spells can take out ANY level of walls and this interaction never changes. EQ spell deals damage to building and the next EQ spell you drop deals lesser damage to the SAME building, the EQ spell damages building on remaining % of HP. Here is a table which shows how much damage radius each level has and damage dealt by it.

Damage dealt and radius of each level of EQ spell.
Damage dealt and radius of each level of EQ spell.

Here are some numbers to go through that I have copied and posted from websites that I saw.

The second Earthquake Spell dropped on a structure will do 1/3 the damage of the first spell, the third will do 1/5th, the fourth will do 1/7th, and so on. It takes 1 level 4 Earthquake Spell to do 25% damage. The next 7 do about 25.5% damage, and it takes 419 to fully destroy a building. Thus, it is a good idea to bring one Earthquake Spell to severely damage a critical structure.

It takes 1 maxed Earthquake Spell to do 29% damage. The next 4 do about 22.8% damage, thus with 5 maxed Earthquake Spells you can damage over half of any building (except storages)”

What it means

So the data that concerns us would be that with 4 EQ spell we can bring down ANY structure to “almost” half it’s health, again remember that EQ spell works on % damage so even if you are dropping 4 EQ spell on an EA and a builder hut in same radius they both will get the same % of HP reduced.

Now getting into the practical area of application:

We will compare few criteria of each spell to other one and see which one comes on top.


In this we can say that EQ spell will always be chosen as it’s effects lasts for the entire raid. I won’t recommend using the Level 1 Jump spell in any situation at TH9, as 20 seconds is a very short duration we most likely will use it for Queen charges or some sort of KS attack.

So while doing these attacks we would at least jump 2 layers of wall so sometimes it may happen that your queen get’s stuck in the middle compartment (shooting high HP structures or fighting cc/defending aq etc.) and is unable to jump to the next compartment sometimes (as the 20 seconds have passed and Jump spell expired) similarly your KS might have to come around the same compartment where you placed the JUMP as it might have got distracted or got delayed so yeah Level 2 spell is highly recommended at TH9. After having level 2 spell I think it is more than enough for TH9/10 in my opinion.

Spell range (the amount of base it opens)

The radius of max EQ spell is 4.7 tiles so it can open vertically 10 tiles of wall as EQ and Jump both need to just “touch” a layer of wall to allow access to it.

Now coming to Jump it’s radius is 3.5 tiles you might think it can allow access to 7 tiles vertically but wait! Remember what I said earlier that Jump only need to “touch the next layer” of wall to open it so from the point you drop it you can touch 3.5th on both side which mean you are touching 4th tile on both side so you can practically Jump 8 tiles if your spell dropping has pin-point accuracy.


Jump spell deals NO damage to structures but 4 Max level EQ can almost bring a structure down to half of it’s full health this is especially useful on higher TH levels.

So now I will go over certain situations where to use which one:

Here I am using 2 Jump spell (4 spell slot) and I marked with red the compartments it allowed access too. We can see that it opens almost whole base for attacks like GoBoWitch.

Why I prefer Jump on Th9

Here I am going on the same base with EQ spells this was the best spot I see I could use 4EQ spell (4 spell slot) and this was how much access I gained.

Yes you might say that wizards, bowlers and AQ can shoot over walls, but your tanking golems will beat on a wall so will your skeletons which are the troops which do tanking and distraction for your army.

EQ Damage to structures

Also for some reason say you want to use EQ spell what will it do lower HP of like 3 to 4 structures which won’t matter a lot anyways. So on Th9 I will in most cases use 2 Jumps over 4 EQ in case I need to gain access more area of the base.

If you want to jump only a small section, jump spell is best as it will save two spell slots. As shown below we only needs access into X-bow comp.

I pretty much use the same rule on Th10, I sometimes give more preference to EQ on Th10 as the no. Of structures weakened are a more. It all depends on the base.

Using EQ from th12

Things start to change when we reach Th12 and 13 as the EQ simply offers a lot of value in terms of damage and opening the base as an EQ will sufficiently open a lot of base and the attacking army style also prefer EQ (yeti smash). You can still use Jump if you are doing QC styled attack as you can save spell for 2nd part of raid.

Dropping EQs

I usually see players dropping all 4 eq all at once on the same spot by holding down the finger on screen ( I also used to drop it this way ), but I noticed that my clan mate Renshi (leader of one of our family clan Sparta ) drops them one by one very carefully. This was very interesting to me as I believe it eliminates the risk of misplacing them due to screen shake, this is even more beneficial on attacks where we use 8 EQ spells as sometime we end up using 5 EQ o 1st section due to mis click. I have seen him use this method of deployment and NEVER mess it up in any of his attack so far. So something that might be worth giving a shot. Again it all depends on personal preference too.

Quick Tip:

You can use the EQ spell to activate the TH if you are not planning to take down TH in 1st portion of attack and using troops like loons and hogs as they target ONLY defence and when you have not 50% the TH won’t activate and they will simply ignore it and go past by it potentially resulting in 2 star.So damaging the TH with EQ will “awaken” it so that your troops target it. Take care not to activate it too early too as it will keep damaging your troops even from a distance.

Personal preference

EQ vs Jump has always been a debatable topic some people might agree and some might disagree with the facts that I stated above it’s all up to personal preference.

That will be all in this Ultimate Spell Guide for All Spells I know it was a pretty lengthy one 7k+ words so if you have made it this far I thank you for taking out your time reading through it I hope it helped you out in someway.

In the end I have another video where CorruptYT explains the use of spells on his channel check it out.

About Me:

I am a long time Clash of Clan player and I love playing mobile games. Currently, I play PUBGM and Clash Royale too.

I am very passionate about gaming and wanted to do something that might help out fellow players. I am no where near being a “PRO” and I am still learning and I am a hungry and quick learner.

My Clan Family

In Clash of Clans I am a proud member of the Scrappy Kingdom Family(SKF). A huge shout out to my clan mates Renshi, Craig, Draco a.k.a Dionysus and Captain Nemo for providing me valuable feedback on the Ultimate Spell Guide for All Spells.

Happy Clashing!

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