Advanced Builder Management in Clash of Clans

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How will you upgrade your new level town hall? If you are not thinking about the order in which you will set your builders to work, you should be! You could improve your clashing experience by just following these simple advanced builder management tips set out here. Want to upgrade your base 20%+ faster? Without spending money/gems? Sounds too good to be true, right? Check out these advanced tips on managing your builders and see for yourself!

Why is Advanced Builder Management important?

Time is money. Of course you can skip the upgrade times, but that will cost you money. Who wants to spend money on gems all the time, though? If you are not able to or do not want to buy gems to speed up your builders, then the only other option is to manage your builders’ progress, by following an advanced upgrade plan.

“Time is the longest distance between two places.”

Tennessee Williams

As always, I am assuming that you care about your base. That you are not just skipping through upgrades and rushing your base to get to be a rushed town hall 13. That you love to war, to farm and develop your skills along with your base. This, however takes, you guessed it, time! Once you get to the higher levels it not only takes weeks for one upgrade to finish, but it costs millions of gold/elixer. This is why you should plan for and manage your builders’ upgrades in advance.

Time Management

Keep your builders working
Keep your builders working

As can be seen in above picture I have 4 builders working and 1 sleeping. This is not entirely optimal to get your base maxed out as quick as possible. So, why do I have a builder free? Three reasons: Firstly, I actually am very close to being max and do not wish to progress that fast through the levels of the game anymore. Secondly, I like to have one builder free to remove obstacles and upgrade walls if my resources start to get full. Thirdly, I plan my upgrades. My fifth builder are due to start working in a few hours, more on this later.

How do you go about your upgrades? Do you save for an upgrade or do you just upgrade whatever you can afford after farming? Time management is very important, therefore, you should always try to have your upgrades finishing at different times. Time management and advanced builder management go hand in hand.

Let’s look at another example – with 3 builders to keep it simple:

builder huts

For this example lets say you have 3 builders. The first builder has 2 days left on his upgrade. The second builder has 4 days left. If you start another 4 day upgrade with your third builder, your second and third will end their work at the same time. When your first builder finishes, you will likely have enough resources to give him something new to use his hammer on. However, this means in those remaining 2 days you must farm enough resources to give two builders something to do. If you do not, then one (or both) of them will likely be sleeping until you get more resources.  Having a builder snoring blissfully, while you try to catch up is not optimal.

Planning and managing upgrades

You can calculate your daily income from your collectors and mines and add what you are farming (roughly and helpful on lower levels). Next, look at what your future upgrades will cost (are they in the 1 million area or in the 6 million or 12 million+ area?) and you can see how much time you should have in between your builder’s upgrades to always keep them busy.

Builders working - upgrades in progress:

I always check my builders progress daily. I have set goals of what I want to upgrade next and farm accordingly. Meaning, I adjust my armies to suit the elixer or dark elixer upgrades I plan. When looking to do an elixer or dark elixer upgrade, the gold earned in farming sessions goes to upgrading walls. Hence, the free builder. However, as can be seen above I will have a builder free in 1d 3h, thus my fifth builder will start working when there is less than 20h left on that air bomb. This is also the time when I use builder potions if I have any, ONLY when ALL my builders are working.

Upgrading with a Plan

Try to spread out your upgrades. You should always try to have defensive upgrades and resource/Barracks/Army Camp upgrades running at the same time. If you set all your builders to upgrade defensive buildings, your base will be substantially weaker. You should also avoid upgrading two of the same defenses at the same time. This opens up your base to specific attack styles, for instance upgrading your air defenses at once will make it vulnerable to air attacks. On the other hand, if you just upgrade all your Barracks you will run short on troops and you won’t be able to farm the resources for your next upgrade. In my experience this is something that is hard to avoid, because you will not have enough Gold to have all your builders on defensive upgrades.

Plan… Always Plan Ahead

I know it time consuming and difficult to plan all the time, but, honestly, how much time do you spend everyday waiting for your troops/heroes to finish training/healing? There is plenty of time to plan. I always plan my next 4-6 upgrades and put them in the order I want them to complete. Yes, I actually keep notes on how I manage my builders’ upgrades. This allows me to see how much time I have to get enough resources for the next upgrade.

If I need 3,600,000 Gold within the next 45 hours to start another upgrade I can set myself some milestones to get that Gold in time.  For example, this evening I will farm 1,600,000, tomorrow in the morning I will try to farm 1,000,000, etc. I really try to stick to my plan – try this for yourself. It is also a nice way to keep yourself motivated when you start to feel bored.

In Conclusion

Finally, one last tip, because I know that sometimes even the best plans don’t work out. A tip for those days when life happens and advanced builder management don’t. If you should come across something such as running out of battery life, one of those farming days you should not have bothered with or you can’t get to farming, (insert all other reasons here), you can try to upgrade cheap items, like traps, so your builders aren’t sleeping. Nothing is worse than a builder who is catching zzzz’s instead of hammering.

Happy Clashing!

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