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In today’s update preview form Clash of Clans, we meet the brand new Dark Elixer Troop: The Headhunter!

The Headhunter

New Troop: The Headhunter

Your Heroes thought they were the masters of the battlefield, but the Headhunter is here to teach them a lesson! The Headhunter is a brand new Dark Elixir Troop which will be available at Town Hall 12. This sinister unit is cloaked in a shroud of poisons of her own making. Heroes are her favorite target to test out her assassination skills. Heroes of the village may just tremble in fear when the Headhunter is loosed on the battlefield.

New Troop: The Headhunter
The Headhunter, a new troop that targets heroes

The Headhunter throws deadly cards as a ranged attack. This troop can also hop over Walls and she does extra damage against Heroes. The Headhunter is exceptionally deadly when clearing out heroes. Especially those pesky Barbarian Kings, Archer Queens, Grand Wardens (even in Air Mode), and Royal Champions. Additionally, the Headhunter’s toxic miasma that emanates around her allows her to deal Poison Spell damage and effects as she attacks.  

Headhunter Stats

The Headhunter is a dark elixer ground troop, which takes up 6 housing space. She has a movement speed of 24 and a range of 3 tiles. This new troop’s favorite target is heroes and deals 4x damage against heroes. She also targets ground and air. The headhunter can jump over walls, does single target damage and adds a poison spell effect when dealing damage to heroes or troops.

New Troop: The Headhunter Stats
New Troop: Headhunter Stats
New Troop: The Headhunter
New Troop: The Headhunter

See her in action here:

Clash of Clans has given us several previews and sneak peeks over the last few days. We have seen the new upgrade levels, QoL improvements and balance changes, new super troops and today the brand new troop, the Headhunter. This summer 2020 Update promises to be exciting yet again!

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