Attacking Higher Town Halls – How to Reach by Irfan Gaming

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Attacking Higher Town Halls – How to reach

In this guide, I will be explaining how you can get better at attacking higher TH levels than you (reaching). I see many players request help on how to hit higher TH levels on discord and Youtube (comment sections). So here is a short guide on it.

Before going into it, some acronyms that I will be using throughout the guide:

  • TH: Town Hall
  • WB: Wall Breaker
  • WT: Wizard Towers
  • AT: Archer Towers
  • IT: Inferno Tower
  • CWL: Clan War League
  • KS: Kill Squad (the bulk of the troop that go into the base to get certain objective etc.)
  • QC: Queen Charge
  • QW: Queen Walk
  • BD: Breakdown (the lineup of a clan in wars/cwl)
  • SAMS: Seeking air mines (the black air bomb)
  • GB: Giant Bomb
  • CC: Clan Castle (this was obvious 😛 )
  • BBD: Baby Dragons
  • AD:Air Defenses
  • EA: Eagle Artillery
  • DPS: Damage Per Second.

When will you reach?

WHEN exactly will you need to attack a higher level TH opponent? Well, the most common would be CWL and then sometimes in Wars too. The CWL matchmaking system only takes into account which League your clan is currently in. It then matches your clan with other clans in the same league. It DOES NOT takes into account what TH levels are you running. This is just how it works. 


So if you see yourself “mismatched” it may be due to the following reasons.

Firstly – Your clan may have performed well and you got promoted into higher leagues. Then you will match against higher TH levels than what you run, because that is the usual BD at that League.

Secondly – One clan may have performed very poorly and got demoted down to leagues. You may find them having stronger lineup than yours.

Thirdly – Clan rosters may have changed. For example: IF a clan ran all 15 TH9 accounts and it is placed around Gold 2. Then if the rosters changed and they are running 10 TH11s and 5 TH10’s in the next season. The Clan stays in Gold 2, but will have a stronger lineup than others in the group. (This is just an example. Assuming that if you run th9 you get placed in gold 2, but you get the idea). 

Fourthly – Same changes may be observed if clan changes from running 15v15’s to 30v30’s or vice-versa.

The conclusion is you might get mismatched in CWL’s. So here is how you can make the best use of your attacks.

TH9 vs TH10 and TH11’s

I will start of first with general tips and then go into depth against each TH level.

Against Single Inferno Towers

If you are hitting single IT on a th10/11 as th9, witches are the best option in 90% of cases. Witches are very powerful against single IT. They just keep on distracting the IT and other defenses for a very long time. So your KS can go through the base and can secure a two star for sure. If the base design is poor or it has relatively low defenses you can even land a triple. I would highly recommend bringing bowlers in the CC. If bowlers are not available the next best option would be valks.

When using witches I mostly like to run 2 jumps, 1 rage, 1 heal and a poison. Jumps are for giving your witches and KS access through the core so they don’t get stuck on walls. Use Rage and Heal when your KS is in the core. Bowler/valks under rage can melt through structures very quickly. Make sure your rage and heal are not over lapping as the troops will run away from rage pretty quickly. Make sure they go “into” the heal after the rage spell.

Recommended Army

The Army comp that I recommend is 3 Golem, 6-9 wizards and rest are witches with bowlers in CC. You can sometimes get away with using WB’s for the first layer of wall break. So you can swap out a witch for wb’s. I preferably put all my witches into the base. Instead of the typical few on the outside which we do against th9s.

The spell composition is same as mentioned above. On some bases you might need only 1 Jump spell. In that case bring 2 freezes and swap out the 2nd Jump. Use freeze spells against cc, enemy heros, strong group of defenses (xbows, grouped up point defense, tesla farm), spalsh defenses and so on.

If you need any help on spell placement and usage I highly recommend you to check my other guide here.


An example of an army that you will use going against single IT bases.. The troops and spells can be varied as needed. CC has freeze/poison and bowlers.

Against Multi Infernos

If you go against multi IT’s then I suggest using Pekka Smash styled attacks. You have to set up a funnel properly with wizards and then jump/Earthquake your way “into” the TH area. There are many variations of army composition for this attacks. Each one is base specific, for example you may need valks sometimes or more golems less pekka, etc. You have to identify the weakness of each base and then plan accordingly. I will have a video in the end which explains this. 


An example of an army that you will use going against Multi IT bases. The troops and spells can be varied as needed.
CC has eq spell and bowlers.

Using Queen Charge/Queen Walk

If you identify a section of the base that has low concentration of DPS. Then you can do a QW to get extra percentage, deal with cc, etc. Qw/qc work well on spread bases. Bbds generally compliments a QC, as they are excellent for getting the percentage. Make sure you have plan for the TH too. Also be careful when you are walking/charging against higher level defenses than your own TH. Your queen will go down way faster keep and eye on her. I wont recommend charging her unless she is lvl 25 minimum.

Against a Th10+ defenses I would not recommend taking fire from more than 2 point defense at the same time. You should use 5 healers on your queen too. Be especially wary of Ground Xbows they have longer range and high rate of fire. Rage your queen and healers if you need or freeze the defenses.


An example of an army that you will use with QC BBD. The troops and spells can be varied as needed. You can swap out the JUMP spell and take EQ with you to open up more part of base.

Using cc E-drag with rage

This is another way to clear a section of the base. If you can identify an area which has very less air targeting defenses (preferably no AD’s). Then an E-drag under a rage can take out huge chunk of base. It will only use up 30 troop space (in the cc) and 1 rage spell. If you want and see worth it, then drop a freeze to support it.

Edrag chains up to 5 structures. If they are in close proximity (less than 2 tiles) and with it chain it’s damages drops off. Preferably drop it on building with high HP (such as storages, TH etc.) so it can get more chains. I will put a video showcasing the use of Edrag on few bases. If used properly it can give huge value, as shown in example below.


Here we can see that the green circled area has NO AD’s near it. So we are safe to drop and E-drag there (18% dmg before e drag drops)

Attacking Higher Town Halls

We proceed to drop the E-drag as shown (23% total damage at the moment)

Attacking Higher Town Halls

The E-drag under a Rage and few freezes was able to clear out the entire green area 41% total damage. That alone gave ~20% destruction on base along with securing the TH. Now that’s value (this attack is in the video below).

Sniping free buildings

You might have faced a situation where you went into the base with your entire KS and secured the TH. But then ended up getting a 48% or 49% 1 star. So to deal with this always bring few archer/minions to snipe of “free structures”. Free structures are structures that your troops can take out, without defenses targeting the troops.

 Archers use 1 camp space and have more range than goblin/barbs. Minions use 2 camp space, but “ground only” defenses do not target them. So in some situations they are better to use than archers. For example if a certain area has cannons, mortar etc. Then u can use minions to snip buildings around it, but if you use archer they will get shot down.

Attacking Higher Town Halls

In the beginning of the attack, Cherry Bomb (a.k.a Candid) dropped Minions (#Winions) on the free structures for extra percentage. (Shown by black and green arrows). Also notice he is going against single IT with witches. This is the best option against single IT (this is a 9v11 attack).

Attacking Higher Town Halls

In the end of the raid we see that he ended up getting a 53% 2 star. So the extra percentage from outside structures helped him secure that 2 star. (He took out 5 of buildings on the outside).

Against Town hall 11

When going against Th11 this step should be done first (as shown above). If you activate the eagle and are unable to take it down with your KS, then nowhere will be free. The EA will simply take out the troops that you drop for sniping. Even if they are outside the range of other defenses.

To get more free percentage you can sometimes take out few “key” defenses as shown in the example below. Key Defenses imply the structures which prevent you from getting those percentage. For example in the screenshot below the archer towers are covering buildings at 3 and 9 o clock. So, if I take them out then the buildings can be sniped with minions.

This concept can be applied to TH9vTH10/11/12 too, but keep in mind the defenses are stronger. So you will need more loons/hogs or troops than you usually use when you go for attacking mirror TH levels.

Attacking Higher Town Halls

As we can see that the AT at 4 and 8 o clock are covering some structures.

Attacking Higher Town Halls

We send 3 loons to snipe those AT as shown and then grab those structures with extra percentage. We are able to take down ~15 buildings (~20% dmg) alone from both areas combined. Also this was done in the initial phase so that we don’t run the risk of going against the eagle.

TH9 vs TH12’s and TH13’s

Getting a 2 star against a Th12 and Th13 as a TH9 is pretty difficult. Considering the fact that they have Giga Tesla/Inferno, so you need to commit a lot of troop space to get the TH down (if the TH is not exposed), and most of it will die to the giga bomb too. If however the TH is exposed you can go after the TH with less troops. It will still require quite a lot, then do your best by using the methods above to grab the percentage and get the second star hopefully.

TH10 vs TH11/12/13’s

At Th10 you have access to Siege Machines which will help you a lot in hitting higher Th levels.

Using Battle Blimp(BB)

Battle blimp makes it easier to secure the TH if it is inside the base. Make sure you don’t have a lot of Air targeting units in the BB path. If there is an Air Defense that you are unable to take out then you can simply Zap it. Make sure to send few loons before you drop you BB to check for SAM’s. You can also get away by freezing the AD’s or air targeting units.

If you have a sweeper pointing towards your BB path then freeze the sweeper or zap it.

The best troops to take in the BB are super goblins. 5 Max super goblins can easily take out even TH13. So the best cc would be 5xSuper Goblins and One dragon. We put a dragon in because it is an air unit. So if some splash defense hit the dragon the goblins will stay safe. Scatter shots can hit ground AND air targets. BUT they can only hit EITHER ground OR air at one time, NOT both.


The Super Goblins are “invisible” not “invincible”. So don’t bring Yetis or Ice golems or any other ground troops. This is because if splash damage defense is in range (like scatters), they will target ground troops. And end up hitting your super gobs too. The dragon is there for just extra value after the TH goes down. You can just fill your entire cc with Super goblin if you want. Remember to practice this in FC’s if you are using it for first time.

If there is dead space near the TH, it’s possible that it has Giant Bombs, spring traps or small bombs. In that case fill the Battle Blimp with lower housing space troops than Super goblins (3 camp space).

The best troop combination is 7 barbs, followed by 2 minions. followed by the 5 super gobs. Fill the rest of the CC with super gobs just to be safe. The barbs are there to trigger any traps such as giant bombs, small bombs, spring traps, etc. The minions are there to “delay” the deployment of super gobs. So that the traps can go off and then super gobs can come out late and they will be safe. The troops from the cc exit in order of camp space. So the barbs (1 space) come out first then minions (2 space), then super gobs (3 camp space).

Sometimes using a ww might be a better option than using a BB. (IF the ideal path has lesser ground targeting defenses.) This is quite rare though.

Using Stone Slammer (SS)

If you can get the TH with your KS, then the SS can be used in an area with few air targeting defenses. You can even Zap and Air Defense if you see that you can get more value out of your SS. The troops in SS can vary depending on where it opens. If it opens in a cluster of buildings then and E-drag under a rage works well. If it’s an open area with single IT and less splash damage, then loons under a haste work well too.


Started off the initial attacking phase by sniping structures on edges and then securing off the TH with my KS. Once the TH was secured, I sent in two loons to check for sams (one ended up pulling a sam). Only then I sent my Battle Blimp.


The Battle Blimp was able to clear the entire section shown in green. This allowed me to secure additional percentage with minions. Before the BB cleared the area, defenses covered those.


Combining the methods shown above I was able to secure a 78% 2-star on a TH10vTH11 raid in CWL, easily on a pretty common base. 

Quick Tip

Always use few loons to check for Sam’s and teslas. Th11 and higher have outside SAM’s to mess up queen charges. Teslas can sometimes mess up your SS path. If a Tesla farm pops up use your loons or other troops to correct the SS path. (Video attached below)

TH11 vs TH12/13 and TH12 vs TH13

You get lots of options for using different types of armies at TH11 and TH12 for reaches. Some might be the regular war armies that you use. On some you have to make adjustments according to the base you hit. I won’t cover each and every specific army in detail as that would take a lot of time. 

The main thing to keep in mind is to try identifying the weakness of the base. Then make changes to your army to get the best use out of your troops and spells, get creative 😉 

Mass E-drag

However, there is one army that I would like to cover, Mass-Edrag. The reason why I chose this is because it requires very low skill to use E-drags to get 2 star on reaches. Almost everyone can use it, does not requires lots of planning.

For using Mass E-drags you can take the TH in two ways. Either by sending your E-drags from your army or using a BB. Both of the methods are base dependent.

If the TH is completely in centre and it is an island base (especially the one with 4 islands and TH in middle) I prefer to use the BB under GW ability to go for the TH and E-drags all around for percentage. Again I notice most the ring bases have the TH trapped. So it will be wise to bring the 7 barbs, 2 minions and the 5 super gobs CC. In stead of the super gobs and dragon cc.

If the base layout has an offset TH, I try to go for the TH with my KS. Then use the BB or SS as an Electrone in an area where I can get good value (Eagle, Infernos, Scatters etc.)

Rage and freezes work best with E-drags and clone for the Blimp. You can also use Zap spells to take out key structures such as Sweepers or an Air Defense. Key structures here are the ones that prevent your E-drags or Blimp electrone form getting full value. It could be a sweeper pointing towards them, an Air Defense or even the Archer Queen in some cases (level 75 aq deals crazy damage).

A few extra tips

  • Witches against Single Infernos
  • NO witches against multi Infernos(they will roast the skellies). KS attacks are better against Multi.
  • Snipe outside structures for extra percentage.
  • Make the best use of your Sieges (BB and SS especially).
  • Identify a base’s weakness and make changes in your army accordingly and maximize the efficiency of your troops and spells.
  • Super Gobs inside a BB are great for taking out the TH. 5 MAX super gobs can take down any TH level.
  • You can snipe a corner TH and/or cc with super gobs. (if the TH is inside one layer of wall use a JUMP).
  • The Eagle Artillery will light its eyes at first after 150 housing spaces worth of troops. It will activate at 180 housing spaces worth of troops for level 1 and 2. The housing space requirement to activate the Eagle Artillery increases to 200 at level 3.
  • Each Hero is worth 25 troop housing spaces, and each Spell housing space is worth 5 troop housing spaces. (Rage is 10 housing space and Freeze is 5.)
  • Each Siege Machine counts as 1 troop housing space towards this number. Clan Castle troops do not count towards this number, but any reinforcement spells count the normal amount.
  • The MOST important tip.. this you should never forget. Use creator code Clash Champs. Legend has it that using this creator code results in more 3 star hits. Who knows if the legend is true.. well only one way to find out…


That will be all in this “Attacking Higher Town Halls – How to Reach Guide”. I thank you for taking out your time reading through it. I hope it helped you out in someway. Feel free to share it to your clan mates or on your discord servers. If you have any suggestions or comments for further guides or on this one please post them in the comment section below.

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