Is Clash of Clans Getting Easier?

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Have you noticed if Clash is getting Easier?

Welcome back Clashers! Today we’ll be using stats to see if Clash of Clans is getting too easy, and update history to determine why. In Clash, lower town halls usually have the highest average stars. Since you can request maxed troops in the clan castle, you can use troops meant for TH13 on TH9 bases! However, average stars are high across all town hall levels, including TH13!

More Stars in Clan Wars

Average stars in war shows it is easier to triple now

The graph here shows the average stars in wars by town hall level, collected through our tournament scoring system. If we look at 2017, TH10’s had a really tough time getting 3 stars. As a result, Supercell changed inferno towers so they were no longer able to cancel out heal spells. This brought hog riders back into the meta and average stars back up!

Despite this, inferno towers still proved too powerful for TH10. Then came the huge TH12 update in June of 2018 and it brought siege machines to the game. Supercell made it so that siege machines could be donated to clan castles of TH10’s and up. As a result, TH10 has kept a steady star average above 2 as seen from the graph. Clearly this was exactly what TH10 needed!

Higher Star Counts in Wars

The graph shows average stars staying comfortably above 2, with an exception of March 2020. This is most likely a result of super troops coming out and people not knowing how to use them.

We recently had an update to TH13 that saw an increase in army camp space and small defensive upgrades to balance out the new offensive strength. We can see offense was already starting to increase between August and September and it looks like we’ll see it go even higher!

Easier to get Trophies in Legend League

Legend League trophies show higher triple rates

This bar chart shows expected trophy loss in legend league and compares trophies in August to October. The totals of each bar show the expected loss after one day and is sorted by trophy range. In legend league you get 8 attacks with 40 being the maximum number of trophies per attack. For example, 320 trophies is a perfect day.

As you can see, there was a drastic increase in trophies for legend league from August to October. Undoubtedly, the extra camp space is making an already powerful TH13 offense so much stronger!

Recent efforts to boost offense have been successful for Supercell. As a result, triple rates are higher than ever and it’s making for very intense and entertaining wars. What do you think of the push for offense over defense? Is it good for the game? Let me know in the comment section below, and until next time, Clash on!

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