Clan Games Rewards & Tiers – 22 to 28 November 2020

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The November Clan Games are about to begin so let’s take a look at the tiers and possible rewards!

Clan Games Info

Dates: November 22-28
Max points per player: 4000
Points needed for bonus reward: 4000


Tier 1: 3000

  • Clock Tower Potion (x1)
  • Gems (x20)
  • Gold (20% of Treasury capacity)

Tier 2: 7500

  • Power Potion (x1)
  • Elixir (20% of Treasury capacity)
  • Training Potion (x1)

Tier 3: 12,000

  • Shovel of Obstacles (x1)
  • Resource Potion (x1)
  • Gems (x50)

Tier 4: 18,000

  • Wall Ring (x6)
  • Gold (80% of Treasury capacity)
  • Hero Potion (x1)

Tier 5: 30,000

  • Rune of Builder Gold (x1)
  • Builder Potion (x2)
  • Elixir/Dark Elixir (80%/100% of Treasury capacity)

Tier 6: 50,000

  • Book of Fighting
  • Rune of Elixir
  • Gems (x100)

Boosted tasks (gives bonus points when completed):

  • Eagle Artillery Elimination
  • Destroy Tesla Towers
  • Pile of Victories
  • Star Collector
  • Helping Hand
  • Gold Challenge
  • Elixir Challenge
  • Archer Ambush
  • Power Healing
  • Horde Havoc
  • Beta Minion Brawl
  • Cannon Cart Cruise
  • Builder Battle Star Master
  • Balloon Blitz
  • Rocking Along
  • Witching Hour
  • Elixir Storage Raid
  • Mortar Mauling
  • Wizard Tower Warfare
  • Archer Tower Assault
  • Clan Castle Charge
  • Destroy Inferno Towers
  • Spell Factory Sabotage
  • Destroy X-Bows
  • Destroy Grand Warden Altars
  • Builder Battle Victories
  • Elixir Pump Elimination
  • Gold Mine Mayhem
  • Gold Storage Raid
  • Cannon Carnage
  • Dark Elixir Plumbers
  • Dark Spell Factory Sabotage
  • Destroy Air Defenses
  • Destroy Archer Queen Altars
  • Gold Grab
  • Elixir Embezzlement
  • Dark Elixir Heist
  • Crushing the Crushers
  • Fireman On Duty
  • Gem Heist
  • Firecracker Tackle
  • Breaking Glass
  • Fire All Barrels!
  • Attack Up
  • King Level Hunter
  • Shocking Turn of Events
  • Wall Wrecker Wallop
  • Electro Dragon Mania
  • Wall Whacker
  • Building Boom Boom
  • Wall Wipe Out
  • Sudden Stars
  • Anger Management
  • Need for Speed
  • Healing is Magic
  • Getting Over It
  • Cold Weather Day
  • Seeing Quadruple
  • Ground Is Angry
  • Swarm Season
  • Witch & Assistant

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