Town hall 15: Full Release Notes – Update Patch Notes!

Clash of Clans wrote:

The Town Hall level 15 is here and it’s the biggest content release we’ve ever done for a Town Hall update. 

There’s Magic In the Air

Town Hall 15’s magic theme is apparent throughout all of the update’s new designs. Arcane symbols are interlaced throughout every nook and cranny of the new building levels, Hero Skins, Troop Levels, and more. So let’s take a look at the new Town Hall 15.

Town Hall 15

Upgrade CostUpgrade TimeGold CapacityElixir CapacityDark Elixir CapacityHit Points
18M Gold15d2M Gold2M Elixir20K DE9600

While Town Hall 15 does not have a unique signature defensive weapon, its Giga Inferno can be upgraded several times to make it even more powerful than before.

Town Hall 15 Giga Inferno

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSDeath Damage RadiusDamage When Destroyed
1NANA3004 tiles1000
210M Gold9d3104 tiles1000
312M Gold11d3104 tiles1100
414M Gold13d3204 tiles1100
516M Gold14d3204.5 tiles1100


  • Spell Tower x2
  • Monolith x1

New Defenses: Spell Tower & Monolith

Magical color palettes aren’t the only arcane affectation being introduced with the Town Hall 15 update.  We’re bringing two brand new defenses to Town Hall 15. Base building will never be the same again!

Meet Spell Tower and Monolith…and watch your enemies tremble in fear.

Spell Tower

Spell Tower unlocks at Town Hall 15

As Spell Tower is leveled it becomes imbued with different Spells, allowing you to select which Spell it will cast while defending your base. Starting at level 1, Spell Tower will cast Rage Spell to boost nearby Defenses and units. Level 2 allows you to set Spell Tower to launch Poison Spell at nearby enemies, and Level 3 will cast Invisibility – allowing nearby defensive units and buildings to be temporarily concealed.  

When you upgrade to Town Hall 15, you’ll be able to place 2 Spell Towers in your Home Village.  

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsUnlocks
114M Gold14d2500Rage Spell
216M Gold16d2800Poison Spell
318M Gold18d3100Invisibility Spell


This tank killing Defense is so sinister, it’s constructed and upgraded with Dark Elixir. Even its brooding presence leaves a dark stain on the world around it. While its origins may be mysterious, its ability to wreak havoc on attacking forces leaves no doubt as to its effectiveness. 

Though Monolith will deal a base level amount of damage per shot, each shot also does additional bonus damage based on a percentage of its target’s max hit points making Monolith incredibly dangerous against high HP units such as tanks or Heroes.

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeBase DPSAdditional DamageHit Points
1300K DE18d15014%4747
2360K DE19d20015%5050

New Troop: Electro Titan

Electro Titan is a brand new Troop that you unlock at Town Hall level 14. 

Her crackling fist and phosphorescent eyes are not simply to illuminate her surroundings. Electro Titan lashes out at enemies with a short-ranged whip that can target both ground and air units.  However, it’s her special ability to cause devastation around her that makes her even more dangerous.  Electro Titan emits an area of effect aura that will continually damage everything – defenses, air, and ground units. However, you should note Walls are immune to her electrical aura. 

  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Training Time: 6m
  • Housing Space: 32
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsDPSAura DPSLab Level
219.5M Elixir17.5d770020010012
320.5M Elixir18d820022012513

New Siege Machine: Battle Drill

Battle Drill unlocks at Siege Workshop level 7 and will burrow beneath the ground in order to avoid being detected by enemy defenses. When Battle Drill surfaces to attack the nearest enemy defense, it will stun its target for 2 seconds.

  • Favorite Target: Defenses
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Training Time: 20m
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsDPS
28M Elixir10d4900470
311M Elixir14d5200510
414M Elixir16d5500550

New Spell: Recall Spell

Battles will never be the same again.  Unlocks at Town Hall level 13, Recall Spell is a powerful new way to deploy your attacks. When Recall Spell is used, it will remove units from the battlefield where they can be redeployed elsewhere. Whether it’s to save them from a lethal enemy defense or to send your units into battle from another position, recalled units can be redeployed as a group anywhere Troops can be placed. 

The amount of units that can be recalled is determined by the Housing Space limit each level has. Troops, Heroes, and Hero Pets can all be recalled, where Heroes count as 25 Housing Space and Hero Pets count as 20 Housing Space. Redeployed units retain any damage dealt or any status effects applied to them when they are recalled.  Recall Spell will prioritize units in order of higher Housing Space first.

Any recalled units that remain undeployed at the end of the battle will disappear. 

  • Target: Ground & Air
  • Housing Space: 2
  • Brewing Time: 6m
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeRecalled Housing SpaceRequired Lab Level
27.5M Elixir11.5d7811
314M Elixir15.5d8412
417.5M Elixir17.5d9013

New Hero Pets


This chilly companion will slow down enemies with his icy breath. Meanwhile, Frostmites – hitchhiking balls of ice – will occasionally jump off and attack enemy defenses to slow them down as well. 

  • Favorite target: Within 4.5 tiles of Hero
  • Damage type: Single Target (slows down defenses)
  • Targets: Ground & Air
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsDPS# of Frostmites
2215K DE3d2450981
3225K DE4d25501021
4235K DE5d26501061
5245K DE5.5d28001102
6255K DE6d29001142
7265K DE6.5d30001182
8275K DE7d31001222
9285K DE7.5d32001262
10295K DE8d33001302


This shy creature will burrow underground beside his Hero and will pop up to stun and attack nearby defenses. Should Diggy’s Hero be taken out during battle, Diggy will go in search of a new Hero to bond himself to.

  • Favorite Target: Hero’s Target
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsDPS# of seconds Stun
2220K DE3d38001102
3230K DE4d39501152
4240K DE5d41001202
5250K DE5.5d42501252.5
6260K DE6d44001302.5
7270K DE6.5d45501352.5
8280K DE7d47001402.5
9290K DE7.5d48501452.5
10300K DE8d50001503

Poison Lizard

Imagine Poison Lizard as your Hero’s own personal Headhunter bodyguard. It spits toxic chemicals as a lightning fast ranged attack that deals Poison damage to defending Heroes and Troops, slowing them down. If no enemy units are nearby, Poison Lizard will assist its Hero in attacking targeted Buildings. Buildings are not affected by Poison Lizard’s slowing effect.  And yes, we know it’s ‘venom’ but we think ‘poison’ sounds cooler.  

  • Favorite Target: Heroes and Troops
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsDPSMax Poison DPSSpeed DecreaseAttack rate Decrease
2225K DE3d13001928026%35%
3235K DE4d13502038026%35%
4245K DE5d14002148026%35%
5255K DE5.5d145022510034%45%
6265K DE6d150023610034%45%
7275K DE6.5d155024710034%45%
8285K DE7d160025810034%45%
9295K DE7.5d165026910034%45%
10305K DE8d170028012038%50%


What at first may seem like an insignificant egg that follows your Hero around, Phoenix will emerge as a foul-tempered fiery feathered friend when her Hero is about to be knocked out. Phoenix revives herself and her Hero under a temporary shield of invulnerability. Once the shield expires, the Hero will be knocked out but Phoenix will continue to fight on.

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsDPSRevive Time
2230K DE3d32401866s
3240K DE4d33601946s
4250K DE5d34802026s
5260K DE5.5d36002107s
6270K DE6d37202187s
7280K DE6.5d38402267s
8290K DE7d39602347s
9300K DE7.5d40802427s
10310K DE8d42002508s

Building/Defense Levels

When you’ve upgraded your Town Hall to level 15, you’ll also unlock numerous upgrades for your Home Village.  The following Buildings and Defenses can be upgraded once your Town Hall is level 15.


NameLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsDPS
Cannon2118M Gold17d2250160/216 (double)
Archer Tower2118.5M Gold17d1800145/290 
Wizard Tower1519.2M Gold18d300095
Air Defense1319.5M Gold18d1750540
Mortar1519M Gold18d215054/59 (multi)
X-Bow1020M Gold19d4700215
Inferno Tower921M Gold19d40002400/115 (multi)
Bomb Tower1020M Gold18d250094/550 (dmg when destroyed)


NameLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeStorage CapacityHP
Elixir Storage166.5M Gold12d5M Elixir3900
Gold Storage166.5M Elixir12d5M Gold3900
Dark Elixir Storage1012.5M Elixir15d350K Dark Elixir4300

Clan Castle

Town Hall 15 Update
New Clan Castle Level at Town Hall 15
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsTroop HousingSpell HousingSiege Housing
1120M Elixir20d54005031


Town Hall 15 Update
New Barrack Level at Town hall 15
LevelTH LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsUnlocks
161415M Elixir16d1250Electro Titan

Army Camp

New Army Camp level at Town Hall 15
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsTroop Capacity
1219M Elixir16d85080


New Laboratory Level at Town Hall 15
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit Points
1312.5M Elixir12d1350

Spell Factory

New Spell Factory Level at Town Hall 15
LevelTH LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsUnlocks
7139M Elixir9d960Recall Spell

Siege Workshop

Town Hall 15 Update
New Siege Workshop at Town Hall 15
LevelTH LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsUnlocks
71519M Elixir18d1600Battle Drill

Pet House

New Pet House Levels at Town Hall 15
LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit PointsUnlocks
519.75M Elixir19d1050Frosty
620M Elixir19.25d1100Diggy
720.25M Elixir19.5d1150Poison Lizard
820.5M Elixir19.75d1200Phoenix


LevelUpgrade CostHit Points# of Segments 
168M Gold/Elixir13.5K200 Wall segments


Town Hall 15 Update
New Bomb Level at Town hall 15
NameLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDamage
Bomb118M Gold8d155
Air Bomb109M Gold9d355

Hero Levels

Each Hero will be able to be upgraded with 5 additional levels at Town Hall 15.

Barbarian King

LevelDPSHit PointsUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeRegen TimeAbility Level
8160311,400330K DE8d42m16
8261111,550335K DE8d42m16
8361911,700340K DE8d42m16
8462711,850345K DE8d42m16
8563512,000350K DE8d44m17

Barbarian King Ability Level 17

Damage IncreaseHealth RecoverySpeed IncreaseSummoned Units

Archer Queen

LevelDPSHit PointsUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeRegen TimeAbility Level
818443600334K DE8d42m16
828483630338K DE8d42m16
838523660342K DE8d42m16
848563690346K DE8d42m16
858603720350K DE8d44m17

Archer Queen Ability Level 17

Damage IncreaseHealth RecoveryAbility TimeSummoned Units

Grand Warden

LevelDPSHit PointsUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeRegen TimeAbility Level
56322256019.2M Elixir8d42m11
57325258019.4M Elixir8d42m11
58328260019.6M Elixir8d42m11
59331262019.8M Elixir8d42m11
60334264020M Elixir8d44m12

Grand Warden Ability Level 12

  • Ability Time: 8.75 seconds

Royal Champion

LevelDPSHit PointsUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeAbility Level
315844330325K DE8d6
325884360330K DE8d6
335924390335K DE8d6
345964420340K DE8d6
356004450345K DE8d7

Royal Champion Ability Level 7

Damage Health Recovery# of Targets


TroopLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSHP
Barbarian1116M Elixir14d45270
Archer1116M Elixir14d3764
Giant1116.5M Elixir16d862200
Wall Breaker1116.5M Elixir16d102/60140
Wizard1117.2M Elixir16d260270
Minion11310K DE16.5d74114
Golem12330K DE17d90/9008800
Witch6340K DE17.5d200+15 Skeletons520
Miner918.5M Elixir17d1441200
Electro Dragon620M Elixir18d390/6905100

Super Troops

Several Super Troops will also have their stats increased when their normal mode has been upgraded.

Super TroopLevelDPSHP
Super Barbarian112401300
Super Archer11156600
Super Giant111504400
Super Wall Breaker11140/338500
Super Wizard11260550
Super Witch63903400
Super Minion113601800


Lightning Spell

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDamage
1016M Elixir16d600

Heal Spell

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeTroop/Hero Heal
917M Elixir17d2200/1210

Jump Spell

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeSpell Duration
516.5M Elixir16.5d100s

Poison Spell

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeMax DPSSpeed DecreaseAttack Rate Decrease
9320K DE17.5d32048%70%

Bat Spell

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeBat Count
6330K DE18d22

Game Changes

This update brings numerous additional game changes, balance changes, bug fixes, and more.  

Game API

Support added for retrieving Clan Capital Raid season information for a Clan with Game API.

Game Balance

  • Defensive Super Minions will now only shoot 3 long range projectiles instead of 5.
  • Poison is not applied to Miners while underground. Additional note: Poison is not applied to Diggy or Battle Drill while underground.
  • Clan War League seeding thresholds have been adjusted for Silver 1 league and above.

Barracks Rework

In an effort to reduce clutter in your Home Village, we’ve consolidated all Barracks and all Dark Barracks into a single Barrack and Dark Barrack respectively.  Duplicate Buildings are removed automatically and the highest level Building will be the remaining one if your Barracks and Dark Barracks are of different levels. If all Barracks and Dark Barracks are under construction then the one with the shortest upgrade time remaining will be kept.  

  • Troop training time is now the same as with 4 Barracks or 2 Dark Barracks.
  • All production buildings (Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory and Siege Workshop) will now be able to keep training units when under upgrade. Instead of stopping completely they’ll continue training at 50% of their normal speed. 
  • Starter Challenge tasks which required multiple Barracks buildings have been replaced or modified. 

Season Challenge Improvements

  • Seasonal Challenges are now customized by players’ Town Hall and Builder Hall levels. Every challenge offered should now be doable . Lower level players will no longer be asked to do tasks that they couldn’t do e.g. use a troop that unlocks much later. 
  • Players who had the Gold Pass for the previous month’s Season will get a bonus 200 Challenge Points if they get the Gold Pass for this Season. This change will take effect with the November season.

Clan Capital Prioritization 

Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders can now prioritize up to 3 upgrades per District in your Clan Capital. This will help Leaders and Co-Leaders provide recommendations for which upgrades should come next. Players are still free to spend their Capital Gold on any upgrades they wish. 

AI Changes

  • Better attack position selection if many attack position candidates are blocked by Walls.
  • Healers are now less likely to target Grand Warden, Golem, Golemite, Ice Golem and Headhunter. Slightly less likely to target Royal Champion or Barbarian King.
  • Healers no longer target Wall Breakers, Super Wall Breakers, or Yetimites.


  • New Music for:
    • 9th Anniversary Scenery
    • Epic Jungle Scenery
    • Jungle Scenery
  • Full new animation set for:
    • Default Archer Queen
    • Default Royal Champion
  • Fire Sword effect updated for Champion King

Upgrade Time & Cost Reductions

As part of refactoring and balancing upgrade costs, with the introduction of Town Hall 15 we’ve reduced the upgrade costs and upgrade times of numerous units, defenses, and buildings.  

Building/Defense/Trap Upgrade Time & Cost Reductions

BuildingLevelPrevious Upgrade TimeNew Upgrade TimePrevious Upgrade CostNew Upgrade Cost
Army Camp83.5d3d3M Elixir2.5M Elixir
99d6.25d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
1014d9.75d9M Elixir6.3M Elixir
1116d12d16M Elixir12M Elixir
Town Hall103d2.5d4M Gold3.5M Gold
114d2.75d5.5M Gold4M Gold
126d4.25d8.5M Gold6M Gold
1310d7.5d11.5M Gold9M Gold
1414d13.25d16M Gold15M Gold
Elixir Storage123d2d1.5M Gold1M Gold
136d4d3M Gold2M Gold
149d6.75d4.5M Gold3.5M Gold
1512d11.25d6M Gold5.5M Gold
Gold Storage123d2d1.5M Elixir1M Elixir
136d4d3M Elixir2M Elixir
149d6.75d4.5M Elixir3.5M Elixir
1512d11.25d6M Elixir5.5M Elixir
Barracks54h8h10K Elixir20K Elixir
68h12h75K Elixir120K Elixir
712h18h200K Elixir270K Elixir
816h1d600K Elixir800K Elixir
91d1.5d900K Elixir1.2M Elixir
101.5d2.5d1.2M Elixir1.7M Elixir
112.5d4d1.8M Elixir2.6M Elixir
124d5.5d2.5M Elixir3.7M Elixir
136d7.5d4M Elixir6.5M Elixir
149d10d5M Elixir9M Elixir
1511d13d6M Elixir12.5M Elixir
1615d16d15M Elixir15M Elixir
Laboratory82d1.75d1.5M Elixir1.3M Elixir
94d2.75d3M Elixir2.1M Elixir
106d4.25d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
119d6.75d9M Elixir6.8M Elixir
1212d11.5d12M Elixir11.5M Elixir
Cannon121.5d1.25d1.5M Gold1.2M Gold
132.5d2.25d2M Gold1.7M Gold
144.5d3d3M Gold2.1M Gold
156d4.25d4.5M Gold3.2M Gold
169d6.25d7M Gold4.9M Gold
1712d8.5d9M Gold6.3M Gold
1815d11.25d11M Gold8.2M Gold
1916d12d13M Gold9.8M Gold
2017d16.25d17.5M Gold16.5M Gold
Archer Tower121.5d1.25d1.8M Gold1.5M Gold
132.5d2.25d2.4M Gold2M Gold
145d3.5d3.6M Gold2.5M Gold
157d5d5M Gold3.5M Gold
169d6.25d7.5M Gold5.3M Gold
1712d8.5d9.5M Gold6.8M Gold
1815d11.25d11.5M Gold8.5M Gold
1916d12d13M Gold9.8M Gold
2017d16.25d17.5M Gold16.5M Gold
Wall130h0h3M Gold/Elixir2M Gold/Elixir
140h0h5M Gold/Elixir4M Gold/Elixir
Wizard Tower83.5d3d3.2M Gold2.7M Gold
96d5.25d4.2M Gold3.7M Gold
109d6.5d7.2M Gold5.2M Gold
1114d9.75d10.2M Gold7.2M Gold
1216d12d14.2M Gold10.7M Gold
1317d12.75d16.2M Gold12.2M Gold
1418d17d18.2M Gold17.2M Gold
Air Defense85d4.25d3.5M Gold3M Gold
99d6.25d6M Gold4.2M Gold
1014d9.75d9.5M Gold6.5M Gold
1116d12d14M Gold10.5M Gold
1218d17d18M Gold17M Gold
Mortar84d3.25d3M Gold2.5M Gold
96d4.25d5M Gold3.5M Gold
108d5.5d7M Gold4.8M Gold
1112d8.5d9M Gold6.5M Gold
1214d9.75d10.5M Gold7.2M Gold
1316d12d13M Gold9.8M Gold
1418d17d17.5M Gold16.5M Gold
Clan Castle66d5d5M Elixir4.2M Elixir
79d6.25d8M Elixir5.5M Elixir
814d9.75d12M Elixir8.5M Elixir
918d13.5d16M Elixir12M Elixir
1020d19d19M Elixir18M Elixir
Builder’s Hut210d9.5d9.5M Gold9M Gold
312d11.5d12.5M Gold12M Gold
414d13.25d15.5M Gold14.5M Gold
Hidden Tesla85d4.25d2.5M Gold2.1M Gold
98d5.5d4.5M Gold3.1M Gold
1014d9.75d8M Gold5.6M Gold
1116d12d13M Gold9.7M Gold
1217d12.75d15M Gold11.2M Gold
1318d17d18M Gold17.1M Gold
Spell Factory55d4.25d2.4M Elixir2M Elixir
67d5d4.8M Elixir3.5M Elixir
712d9d12M Elixir9M Elixir
X-Bow46d5.25d4M Gold3.4M Gold
59d6.25d7M Gold4.9M Gold
614d9.75d10.5M Gold7.4M Gold
716d12d14M Gold10.4M Gold
817d12.75d17M Gold12.9M Gold
919d18d18.5M Gold17.4M Gold
Dark Elixir Storage75d3.5d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
810d7.5d9M Elixir6.7M Elixir
915d14.25d12M Elixir11.5M Elixir
Dark Barracks14h8h100K Elixir200K Elixir
212h1d300K Elixir600K Elixir
318h1.5d500K Elixir1M Elixir
41d2d900K Elixir1.6M Elixir
52d3.5d1.5M Elixir2.2M Elixir
63d4.5d2.2M Elixir2.9M Elixir
75d6.5d3M Elixir4M Elixir
89d8d4M Elixir7.5M Elixir
913d10.5d7.5M Elixir10M Elixir
Inferno Tower13d2.5d2M Gold1.7M Gold
24d3.25d3M Gold2.5M Gold
35d4.25d4.5M Gold3.8M Gold
47d5d6M Gold4.2M Gold
59d6.25d7.5M Gold5.2M Gold
614d9.75d10.5M Gold7.3M Gold
717d12.75d16M Gold12M Gold
819d18d19M Gold18M Gold
Air Sweeper63d2.5d3M Gold2.5M Gold
75d3.5d6M Gold4.2M Gold
Eagle Artillery17d5d8M Gold6M Gold
210d8.5d10M Gold8M Gold
314d11d12M Gold11M Gold
418d15d18M Gold15M Gold
520d19d20M Gold19M Gold
Bomb Tower44d3.5d3M Gold2.6M Gold
56d4.25d5M Gold3.5M Gold
69d6.25d7M Gold5M Gold
714d9.75d10M Gold7M Gold
816d12d14M Gold11M Gold
918d17d18.5M Gold17.5M Gold
Workshop16d4.25d5M Elixir3.5M Elixir
28d5.5d8M Elixir5.5M Elixir
310d7d10.5M Elixir7.5M Elixir
414d10.5d14.5M Elixir11M Elixir
516d12d16M Elixir12M Elixir
618d17d17.5M Elixir16.5M Elixir
Scattershot115d11.25d15M Gold11.2M Gold
217d12.75d17M Gold12.8M Gold
319d18d19M Gold18M Gold
Pet House113d12.25d15M Elixir14M Elixir
215d14.25d17.5M Elixir16.5M Elixir
317d16d18.5M Elixir17.5M Elixir
419d18d19.5M Elixir18.5M Elixir
Bomb73d2.5d1M Gold850K Gold
84d2.75d2M Gold1.4M Gold
96d4.5d4M Gold3M Gold
108d7.5d6M Gold5.5M Gold
Spring Trap53d3d1.2M Gold1M Gold
Giant Bomb43d3d2.4M Gold2M Gold
55d3.5d3.5M Gold2.5M Gold
67d5.25d5M Gold3.8M Gold
79d6.75d7M Gold5.2M Gold
811d10.5d9M Gold8.5M Gold
Air Bomb52d2d2M Gold1.4M Gold
63d3d3M Gold2.1M Gold
76d4.5d4M Gold3M Gold
87d5.25d5M Gold3.8M Gold
99d8.5d7M Gold6.5M Gold
Seeking Air Mine33d3d2.5M Gold2.1M Gold
47d5.25d6M Gold4.5M Gold
Tornado Trap1N/AN/A2.5M Gold1.8M Gold
22d2d4M Gold2.8M Gold
33d3d5M Gold3.5M Gold

Town Hall Weapon Upgrade Time & Cost Reductions

TH WeaponLevelPrevious Upgrade TimeNew Upgrade TimePrevious Upgrade CostNew Upgrade Cost
TH12 Giga Tesla22d1.5d4M Gold3M Gold
34d2.75d6M Gold4.2M Gold
46d4.25d8M Gold5.6M Gold
58d5.5d10M Gold7M Gold
TH13 Giga Inferno26d4.5d10M Gold7.5M Gold
38d6d12M Gold9M Gold
49d6.75d15M Gold11.2M Gold
511d8.25d18M Gold13.5M Gold
TH14 Giga Inferno29d8.5d9M Gold8.5M Gold
311d10.5d11M Gold10.5M Gold
413d12.25d13M Gold12.3M Gold
514d13.25d15M Gold14.2M Gold

Unit Upgrade Time & Cost Reductions

UnitLevelPrevious Upgrade TimeNew Upgrade TimePrevious Upgrade CostNew Upgrade Cost
Barbarian73d2.5d2.5M Elixir2.1M Elixir
84.5d3d4M Elixir2.8M Elixir
910d7d8M Elixir5.6M Elixir
1014d13d15M Elixir14M Elixir
Archer73d2.5d3M Elixir2.5M Elixir
85d3.5d4.5M Elixir3.2M Elixir
910.5d7d9M Elixir6.3M Elixir
1014d13d15.5M Elixir14.5M Elixir
Goblin74d3.5d3.5M Elixir3M Elixir
812d8d9M Elixir6.3M Elixir
Giant74d3.5d3.5M Elixir3M Elixir
88d5.5d5M Elixir3.5M Elixir
913d9d9M Elixir6.3M Elixir
1015d11.25d13M Elixir10M Elixir
Wall Breaker62.5d2.13d3M Elixir2.5M Elixir
75d3.5d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
810d7d10.5M Elixir7.3M Elixir
914.5d11d13M Elixir10M Elixir
1016d15d16M Elixir15.2M Elixir
Balloon77.5d5.25d6.5M Elixir4.5M Elixir
813.5d9.5d11M Elixir7.7M Elixir
916d12d14M Elixir10.5M Elixir
1018d17d18M Elixir17M Elixir
Wizard74d3.5d4.2M Elixir3.5M Elixir
87.5d5.25d7.2M Elixir5M Elixir
912.5d8.75d9.2M Elixir6.5M Elixir
1014.5d11d14.2M Elixir10.5M Elixir
Healer510d7d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
614d10.5d13M Elixir9.8M Elixir
717d16d17M Elixir16M Elixir
Dragon56d5.25d4.5M Elixir3.8M Elixir
68d5.5d7M Elixir4.9M Elixir
714d10d10M Elixir7M Elixir
816d12d15M Elixir11M Elixir
918d17d18.5M Elixir17.5M Elixir
P.E.K.K.A54d3.5d3.8M Elixir3.2M Elixir
65.5d4.75d5M Elixir4.2M Elixir
78.5d6d7.5M Elixir5.2M Elixir
814d10d11M Elixir7.7M Elixir
915d11.25d14M Elixir10.5M Elixir
Minion64d3.5d40K Dark Elixir35K Dark Elixir
77d5d90K Dark Elixir63K Dark Elixir
814d9.75d150K Dark Elixir105K Dark Elixir
915.5d11.5d250K Dark Elixir188K Dark Elixir
1016.5d15.5d300K Dark Elixir285K Dark Elixir
Hog Rider64d3.5d50K Dark Elixir43K Dark Elixir
77.5d5.25d100K Dark Elixir70K Dark Elixir
811.5d8d150K Dark Elixir105K Dark Elixir
914d9.75d240K Dark Elixir168K Dark Elixir
1016d12d280K Dark Elixir210K Dark Elixir
1117d16.25d320K Dark Elixir305K Dark Elixir
Valkyrie55d4.25d45K Dark Elixir38K Dark Elixir
67.5d5.25d90K Dark Elixir63K Dark Elixir
711d7.75d175K Dark Elixir123K Dark Elixir
816d12d260K Dark Elixir195K Dark Elixir
917d16.25d310K Dark Elixir295K Dark Elixir
Golem55d4.25d50K Dark Elixir43K Dark Elixir
67d5d75K Dark Elixir53K Dark Elixir
78d5.5d110K Dark Elixir77K Dark Elixir
810.5d7.25d160K Dark Elixir112K Dark Elixir
914d9.75d200K Dark Elixir140K Dark Elixir
1016d12d270K Dark Elixir200K Dark Elixir
1117d16d320K Dark Elixir300K Dark Elixir
Witch35.5d4.75d80K Dark Elixir68K Dark Elixir
49.5d6.75d130K Dark Elixir90K Dark Elixir
514d10d200K Dark Elixir140K Dark Elixir
Lava Hound35d4.25d60K Dark Elixir50K Dark Elixir
49d6.25d120K Dark Elixir85K Dark Elixir
514d10d190K Dark Elixir135K Dark Elixir
616d12d270K Dark Elixir200K Dark Elixir
Bowler24d3.5d75K Dark Elixir65K Dark Elixir
37d5d125K Dark Elixir88K Dark Elixir
412d8.5d200K Dark Elixir140K Dark Elixir
514.5d11d280K Dark Elixir210K Dark Elixir
617.5d16.75d320K Dark Elixir305K Dark Elixir
Baby Dragon34d3.5d3M Elixir2.5M Elixir
46d5d4M Elixir3.4M Elixir
59d6.25d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
612d8.25d9M Elixir6.3M Elixir
714d10.5d12M Elixir9M Elixir
816.5d15.75d17M Elixir16M Elixir
Miner22.5d2.17d3M Elixir2.5M Elixir
34d3.5d4M Elixir3.2M Elixir
46d4d5M Elixir3.8M Elixir
510d7d7M Elixir5M Elixir
613d9d9.5M Elixir6.5M Elixir
715.5d11.75d13M Elixir10M Elixir
817d16d17.5M Elixir16.5M Elixir
Yeti211d7.5d11M Elixir7.7M Elixir
316d12d15M Elixir11.2M Elixir
418d17d18M Elixir17.1M Elixir
Ice Golem24d2.83d80K Dark Elixir55K Dark Elixir
37d5d120K Dark Elixir85K Dark Elixir
410.5d7.25d160K Dark Elixir110K Dark Elixir
514d9.5d200K Dark Elixir140K Dark Elixir
617d16d320K Dark Elixir305K Dark Elixir
Electro Dragon28d5.5d9M Elixir6.3M Elixir
314d9.75d11M Elixir7.7M Elixir
416d12d16M Elixir12M Elixir
518d17d19M Elixir18M Elixir
Dragon Rider215d11.25d16M Elixir12M Elixir
317d16d17.5M Elixir16.5M Elixir
Headhunter214d9.75d180K Dark Elixir125K Dark Elixir
316d12d240K Dark Elixir180K Dark Elixir
Wall Wrecker28d5.5d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
310d7d8M Elixir5.6M Elixir
416d12d14M Elixir10.5M Elixir
Battle Blimp28d5.5d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
310d7d8M Elixir5.6M Elixir
416d12d14M Elixir10.5M Elixir
Stone Slammer28d5.5d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
310d7d8M Elixir5.6M Elixir
416d12d14M Elixir10.5M Elixir
Siege Barracks210d7d8M Elixir5.6M Elixir
314d9.75d11M Elixir7.7M Elixir
416d12d14M Elixir10.5M Elixir
Log Launcher210d7.5d8M Elixir6M Elixir
314d10.5d11M Elixir8.2M Elixir
416d12d14M Elixir10.5M Elixir
Flame Flinger210d9.5d8M Elixir7.6M Elixir
314d13.5d11M Elixir10.5M Elixir
416d15d14M Elixir13.3M Elixir

Hero Upgrade Time & Cost Reductions

HeroLevelPrevious Upgrade TimeNew Upgrade TimePrevious Upgrade CostNew Upgrade Cost
Barbarian King334d4d61K Dark Elixir60K Dark Elixir
344d4d63K Dark Elixir62K Dark Elixir
355d4.75d65K Dark Elixir64K Dark Elixir
365d4.75d68K Dark Elixir66K Dark Elixir
375d4.75d71K Dark Elixir68K Dark Elixir
385d4.75d74K Dark Elixir70K Dark Elixir
395d4.75d77K Dark Elixir73K Dark Elixir
406d5.5d80K Dark Elixir76K Dark Elixir
416d5.5d86K Dark Elixir80K Dark Elixir
426d5.5d92K Dark Elixir85K Dark Elixir
436d5.5d98K Dark Elixir89K Dark Elixir
446d5.5d104K Dark Elixir94K Dark Elixir
456.5d5.75d110K Dark Elixir98K Dark Elixir
466.5d5.75d116K Dark Elixir103K Dark Elixir
476.5d5.75d122K Dark Elixir109K Dark Elixir
486.5d5.75d128K Dark Elixir114K Dark Elixir
496.5d5.75d134K Dark Elixir119K Dark Elixir
506.5d5.75d140K Dark Elixir125K Dark Elixir
517d6.25d146K Dark Elixir130K Dark Elixir
527d6.25d152K Dark Elixir135K Dark Elixir
537d6.25d158K Dark Elixir140K Dark Elixir
547d6.25d164K Dark Elixir146K Dark Elixir
557d6.25d170K Dark Elixir151K Dark Elixir
567d6.25d178K Dark Elixir158K Dark Elixir
577d6.25d186K Dark Elixir165K Dark Elixir
587d6.25d194K Dark Elixir172K Dark Elixir
597d6.25d202K Dark Elixir180K Dark Elixir
607d6.25d210K Dark Elixir187K Dark Elixir
617d6.25d217K Dark Elixir193K Dark Elixir
627d6.25d224K Dark Elixir200K Dark Elixir
637d6.25d230K Dark Elixir206K Dark Elixir
647d6.25d235K Dark Elixir211K Dark Elixir
657d6.25d240K Dark Elixir216K Dark Elixir
667.5d6.75d250K Dark Elixir225K Dark Elixir
677.5d6.75d260K Dark Elixir234K Dark Elixir
687.5d6.75d270K Dark Elixir243K Dark Elixir
697.5d6.75d280K Dark Elixir252K Dark Elixir
708d7.25d290K Dark Elixir261K Dark Elixir
718d7.25d292K Dark Elixir267K Dark Elixir
728d7.25d294K Dark Elixir270K Dark Elixir
738d7.25d296K Dark Elixir279K Dark Elixir
748d7.25d298K Dark Elixir284K Dark Elixir
758d7.25d300K Dark Elixir289K Dark Elixir
768d8d305K Dark Elixir300K Dark Elixir
778d8d310K Dark Elixir305K Dark Elixir
788d8d315K Dark Elixir310K Dark Elixir
798d8d320K Dark Elixir315K Dark Elixir
808d8d325K Dark Elixir320K Dark Elixir
Archer Queen324d4d66K Dark Elixir65K Dark Elixir
334d4d69K Dark Elixir67K Dark Elixir
344d4d72K Dark Elixir69K Dark Elixir
355d4.75d75K Dark Elixir72K Dark Elixir
365d4.75d78K Dark Elixir74K Dark Elixir
375d4.75d81K Dark Elixir77K Dark Elixir
385d4.75d84K Dark Elixir79K Dark Elixir
395d4.75d87K Dark Elixir82K Dark Elixir
406d5.5d90K Dark Elixir84K Dark Elixir
416d5.5d96K Dark Elixir89K Dark Elixir
426d5.5d102K Dark Elixir93K Dark Elixir
436d5.5d108K Dark Elixir97K Dark Elixir
446d5.5d114K Dark Elixir101K Dark Elixir
456.5d5.75d120K Dark Elixir106K Dark Elixir
466.5d5.75d126K Dark Elixir111K Dark Elixir
476.5d5.75d132K Dark Elixir116K Dark Elixir
486.5d5.75d138K Dark Elixir122K Dark Elixir
496.5d5.75d144K Dark Elixir127K Dark Elixir
506.5d5.75d150K Dark Elixir132K Dark Elixir
517d6.25d156K Dark Elixir138K Dark Elixir
527d6.25d162K Dark Elixir143K Dark Elixir
537d6.25d168K Dark Elixir148K Dark Elixir
547d6.25d174K Dark Elixir154K Dark Elixir
557d6.25d180K Dark Elixir159K Dark Elixir
567d6.25d187K Dark Elixir166K Dark Elixir
577d6.25d194K Dark Elixir172K Dark Elixir
587d6.25d201K Dark Elixir179K Dark Elixir
597d6.25d208K Dark Elixir186K Dark Elixir
607d6.25d215K Dark Elixir192K Dark Elixir
617d6.25d220K Dark Elixir198K Dark Elixir
627d6.25d225K Dark Elixir203K Dark Elixir
637d6.25d230K Dark Elixir208K Dark Elixir
647d6.25d235K Dark Elixir213K Dark Elixir
657d6.25d240K Dark Elixir219K Dark Elixir
667.5d6.75d250K Dark Elixir228K Dark Elixir
677.5d6.75d260K Dark Elixir237K Dark Elixir
687.5d6.75d270K Dark Elixir246K Dark Elixir
697.5d6.75d280K Dark Elixir255K Dark Elixir
708d7.25d290K Dark Elixir266K Dark Elixir
718d7.25d292K Dark Elixir269K Dark Elixir
728d7.25d294K Dark Elixir278K Dark Elixir
738d7.25d296K Dark Elixir283K Dark Elixir
748d7.25d298K Dark Elixir288K Dark Elixir
758d7.25d300K Dark Elixir297K Dark Elixir
768d8d306K Dark Elixir302K Dark Elixir
778d8d312K Dark Elixir308K Dark Elixir
788d8d318K Dark Elixir314K Dark Elixir
798d8d324K Dark Elixir319K Dark Elixir
808d8d330K Dark Elixir325K Dark Elixir
Grand Warden22h2h1.25M Elixir1.1M Elixir
34h4h1.5M Elixir1.4M Elixir
48h8h1.75M Elixir1.6M Elixir
512h12h2M Elixir1.8M Elixir
618h16h2.25M Elixir2M Elixir
71d22h2.5M Elixir2.2M Elixir
81.25d1.17d2.75M Elixir2.5M Elixir
91.5d1.33d3M Elixir2.7M Elixir
102d1.83d3.5M Elixir3.1M Elixir
112.5d2.25d4M Elixir3.6M Elixir
123d2.75d4.5M Elixir4M Elixir
134d3.75d5M Elixir4.4M Elixir
145d4.5d5.5M Elixir4.9M Elixir
156d5.5d6M Elixir5.3M Elixir
167d6.25d6.5M Elixir5.7M Elixir
177d6.25d7M Elixir6.2M Elixir
187d6.25d7.5M Elixir6.6M Elixir
197d6.25d8M Elixir7.1M Elixir
207d6.25d9M Elixir7.9M Elixir
217d6.25d10M Elixir8.8M Elixir
227d6.25d10.1M Elixir8.9M Elixir
237d6.25d10.2M Elixir9M Elixir
247d6.25d10.3M Elixir9.1M Elixir
257d6.25d10.4M Elixir9.2M Elixir
267d6.25d10.5M Elixir9.3M Elixir
277d6.25d10.6M Elixir9.4M Elixir
287d6.25d10.7M Elixir9.5M Elixir
297d6.25d10.8M Elixir9.6M Elixir
307d6.25d10.9M Elixir9.7M Elixir
317d6.25d11M Elixir9.8M Elixir
327d6.25d11.1M Elixir9.9M Elixir
337d6.25d11.2M Elixir10M Elixir
347d6.25d11.3M Elixir10.1M Elixir
357d6.25d11.4M Elixir10.2M Elixir
367d6.25d11.5M Elixir10.3M Elixir
377d6.25d11.6M Elixir10.4M Elixir
387d6.25d11.7M Elixir10.5M Elixir
397d6.25d11.8M Elixir10.6M Elixir
407d6.25d11.9M Elixir10.7M Elixir
417.5d6.75d12M Elixir10.8M Elixir
427.5d6.75d12.5M Elixir11.2M Elixir
437.5d6.75d13M Elixir11.6M Elixir
447.5d6.75d13.5M Elixir12M Elixir
457.5d6.75d14M Elixir12.4M Elixir
468d7.25d14.5M Elixir12.8M Elixir
478d7.25d15M Elixir13.2M Elixir
488d7.25d15.5M Elixir13.6M Elixir
498d7.25d16M Elixir14.3M Elixir
508d7.25d16.5M Elixir15.5M Elixir
518d8d17M Elixir16.6M Elixir
528d8d17.5M Elixir17.1M Elixir
538d8d18M Elixir17.6M Elixir
548d8d18.5M Elixir18.1M Elixir
558d8d19M Elixir18.6M Elixir
Royal Champion28h8h80K Dark Elixir73K Dark Elixir
316h16h100K Dark Elixir89K Dark Elixir
41d22h120K Dark Elixir105K Dark Elixir
52d1.83d140K Dark Elixir122K Dark Elixir
63d2.75d160K Dark Elixir140K Dark Elixir
73.5d3.25d180K Dark Elixir158K Dark Elixir
84d3.75d190K Dark Elixir170K Dark Elixir
94.5d4.25d200K Dark Elixir182K Dark Elixir
105d4.5d210K Dark Elixir192K Dark Elixir
115.5d5d220K Dark Elixir202K Dark Elixir
126d5.5d230K Dark Elixir211K Dark Elixir
136.5d6d235K Dark Elixir216K Dark Elixir
147d6.5d240K Dark Elixir222K Dark Elixir
157d6.5d245K Dark Elixir228K Dark Elixir
167.5d6.75d250K Dark Elixir234K Dark Elixir
177.5d6.75d255K Dark Elixir239K Dark Elixir
187.5d6.75d260K Dark Elixir245K Dark Elixir
197.5d6.75d265K Dark Elixir251K Dark Elixir
207.5d6.75d270K Dark Elixir257K Dark Elixir
218d7.25d275K Dark Elixir262K Dark Elixir
228d7.25d280K Dark Elixir267K Dark Elixir
238d7.25d285K Dark Elixir272K Dark Elixir
248d7.25d290K Dark Elixir277K Dark Elixir
258d7.25d295K Dark Elixir282K Dark Elixir
268d8d300K Dark Elixir295K Dark Elixir
278d8d305K Dark Elixir300K Dark Elixir
288d8d310K Dark Elixir305K Dark Elixir
298d8d315K Dark Elixir310K Dark Elixir
308d8d320K Dark Elixir315K Dark Elixir

Spell Upgrade Time & Cost Reductions

SpellLevelPrevious Upgrade TimeNew Upgrade TimePrevious Upgrade CostNew Upgrade Cost
Lightning Spell77d6d3M Elixir2.5M Elixir
810.5d7.25d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
913d9d10M Elixir7M Elixir
Healing Spell77d6d3.6M Elixir3M Elixir
816d12d14M Elixir10.5M Elixir
Rage Spell611.5d8d11M Elixir7.7M Elixir
Jump Spell37d6d4M Elixir3.4M Elixir
415d11.25d12M Elixir9M Elixir
Freeze Spell33d2.58d2M Elixir1.7M Elixir
45d4.25d3.6M Elixir3M Elixir
57.5d6d5M Elixir4.2M Elixir
69d7.75d8.5M Elixir6M Elixir
711.5d8.25d11M Elixir7.7M Elixir
Poison Spell43d2.58d50K Dark Elixir43K Dark Elixir
59d6.25d100K Dark Elixir70K Dark Elixir
611d7.75d175K Dark Elixir123K Dark Elixir
715.5d11.75d260K Dark Elixir195K Dark Elixir
817.5d16.75d300K Dark Elixir285K Dark Elixir
Earthquake Spell45d4.25d60K Dark Elixir51K Dark Elixir
511d7.75d120K Dark Elixir84K Dark Elixir
Haste Spell33d2.58d40K Dark Elixir34K Dark Elixir
46d5d70K Dark Elixir60K Dark Elixir
511d7.75d110K Dark Elixir77K Dark Elixir
Clone Spell22d1.75d2.5M Elixir2.1M Elixir
34d3.5d4M Elixir3.4M Elixir
45.5d4d6M Elixir4.2M Elixir
510d7d8M Elixir5.6M Elixir
615d11.25d12M Elixir9M Elixir
716.5d15.75d16.5M Elixir15.5M Elixir
Skeleton Spell21.5d1.33d25K Dark Elixir22K Dark Elixir
33d2.58d40K Dark Elixir34K Dark Elixir
46d4.25d70K Dark Elixir50K Dark Elixir
58.5d6d125K Dark Elixir87K Dark Elixir
610.5d7.25d150K Dark Elixir105K Dark Elixir
715d11.25d250K Dark Elixir187K Dark Elixir
Bat Spell22d1.75d30K Dark Elixir26K Dark Elixir
34d3.5d60K Dark Elixir51K Dark Elixir
47.5d5.25d100K Dark Elixir70K Dark Elixir
59d6.25d150K Dark Elixir105K Dark Elixir
Invisibility Spell28d5.5d8M Elixir5.6M Elixir
311.5d8d12M Elixir8.4M Elixir
415.5d11.75d15M Elixir11.3M Elixir

Bug Fixes

  • You can now Quick Donate Super Troops if trying to donate while visiting Builder Base.
  • Fixed Raid Medal cap enforcement.
  • Show Capital Districts that are both locked and loading as locked rather than loading.
  • Change Macedonia (FYROM) to North Macedonia.
  • Changed color of attack button to gray instead of red during a Capital Raid if no more attacks are left.
  • Display donation message correctly when completing ruins in Clan Capital.
  • Fixed next replay button to skip over missing replays (resulting from attacks in which no troops were deployed) in Clan Capital. 
  • Fixed Find Barracks button graying to work consistently in different Clan Capital unit info screens. Always find your own Barracks when using that button, even if you are scouting a district which has the corresponding Barracks
  • Wrong unit level for secondary unit upgrade screen title when upgrading Capital Barracks fixed. Do not show levels for Skeletons.
  • Refresh Walls when exiting layout selection screen with back-button. Previously Walls were refreshed only when closing the screen.
  • Correctly display Hero Skins given out in the Season Challenges Silver rewards track in the Reward List popup. 
  • Fixed overly large explosion in Level 4 Jump effect. 
  • Fixed duration of Bat Spell effects to match with the spawn duration. 
  • Sound effects of Log Trap fixed. 
  • Fixed a rare occurrence in Season Challenge and Starter Challenge task autocompletion logic. Wall upgrade tasks were autocompleted even if you had unbuilt Walls. Laboratory upgrade tasks were autocompleted if you didn’t have Laboratory or Barracks or if Barracks were underleveled or Barracks were under upgrade.
  • Extrapolate character attack animation only within the active logic tick to avoid animation going too far.
  • Gracefully handle challenge loading failures (no more infinite spinners).
  • Clone Spell will no longer clone units which have not spawned yet.
  • Fixed battle end screen sometimes showing wrong time when finishing a challenge level. Wrong time could be shown if there was delay between the battle end and the screen showing up.
  • Fixed not being able to always save Friendly Army when in Builder Base. 
  • Do not apply immunity effect for buildings when they’re hit by defensive Healer splash damage to avoid unnecessary visual noise. Buildings are still not healed by defensive Healers though. 
  • Fixed displayed number of Clan Capital attacks remaining icon after rejoining a Clan or joining another Clan. 
  • Fixed wrong unit levels in Army Camp info screen when visiting other Villages while Power Potion is active.  
  • Show the “By troops donated” sort mode for the Clan list only when in the Home Village tab of the Clan to avoid confusion. 
  • Fixed Clan Capital Airship attack notification not being visible in some sceneries with custom Balloon Bus.
  • Show red background for Super Troops in the donation menus
  • Level up characters on top of Wizard Tower level 14 and Archer Tower level 20.
  • Fix CWL leaderboards not updating to the latest season if a Clan on the leaderboard has been deleted while the CWL was active.
  • Remove alive Hero Pets turning into Elixir effect after battle. Pets are left visible similar to Heroes.
  • Point count of 250 point Destroy X-Bows task in Season Challenges has been reduced to 200 to match other similar tasks
  • Tweaked defensive Spell effects (TH 14 Poison, Super Valkyrie Rage) to distinguish them from normal Spell effects.
  • Clarify error message for attempting to kick a Clan member while in Clan Capital
  • Units with delayed spawn will not count as nearby units for Baby Dragon Rage ability.
  • Units with delayed spawn no longer trigger Traps.
  • Display Grand Warden’s aura effect when joining a live replay where Grand Warden has already been deployed.
  • Add missing sound effect for “Friendly” Flower.
  • Gray out Play Again button in Battle End screen if challenge event has ended.
  • Fixed Battle End screen buttons sometimes becoming unresponsive.
  • Fix close button of ‘Congratulations’ finished raid popup opening raid map when the screen is open in capital map.

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So if you are looking for members, a clan, or need a base layout, Clash Champs has it all! If you would rather want a one-of-a-kind, freshly built War or Trophy base, check out our pro-war bases. In fact, our team of 20+ pro builders is continuously and rigorously building and testing current meta bases for wars, leagues, and trophy pushing. Join us on Discord for more information as well as to just chat. 

When you join our fun tournaments, we rank and score you against other clashers from around the world. What is more, you earn Champ Bucks while doing something you love, Clashing! In short, Champ Bucks is our way of giving back to the community. In fact, you can use your Champ Bucks on various items and gift cards in the Rewards Store. Furthermore, you could use your Champ Bucks to enter our weekly Clash Raffles for fabulous prizes. 

If you’re looking to up your game with a Pro Coach, then join Clash School for all your coaching needs. At Clash School, professionals are ready to teach and guide you to be then the best that you can be. 

So do you love what we do? Then help support us by using creator code CLASH CHAMPS before making any in-game purchases in ANY Supercell game.


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Scattershot Giga Inferno

Champs Elite

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Clan Features

The BilderbergsMutant Tribe 

Clash Champ Tools

Never be Clanless AgainBase Finder Tool
I need a base update  Never miss war attacks again  
Clash Raffles is Live!

Communities News/Events

Th13 Clash Community: The Ornamental Holiday Event  Th11 Community Event: The Ornamental Holiday Event

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Royal Champion  

Hero Skins

New Hero Skin: The Jolly Barbarian SkinPirate Barbarian King Skin
The Winter Champion: Hero SkinNew Queen Skin: The Rogue Queen Revealed!
Jungle Archer Queen Skin – June Hero Skin!Jungle Barbarian King Skin – July Hero Skin
Gladiator Royal Champion Skin – September Hero Skin!Warden Master Skin Revealed – October Hero Skin
Champion Queen + King Skin Giveaway!Jolly Warden Skin! – December 2021 Hero Skin!
New Warrior Warden Skin! – February 2022 Hero skinNew Shadow Champion Skin – March 2022 Hero Skin

Partner Program

Clash Champs Partnership ProgramCamWOW & Clash Champs Partnership
Wasmaniac & Clash Champs Partnership!Mackenzro Gaming & Clash Champs Partnership
Big Vale & Clash Champs Partnership!CGamer & Clash Champs Partnership!
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Yeti Siege Barracks 
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Update/Event News

Global GoneCoC Creator Boost
Creator Boost Expires Spring Update 2020 New Upgrade Levels
Spring Update 2020 Price Reductions Supercell turns 10
Super Troops Spring Update 2020Summer Update 2020 QoL Improvements & Balance Changes 
Summer Update 2020 Incoming new levelsAutumn Update 2020 New Levels & Other Game Changes
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End of Support: Below iOS 11 and Android 5.0Clan Games Rewards – 21-28 November 2021
Cost Reductions on Heroes, Buildings, Troops, Traps, and Spells!Clan Games Rewards – 22-28 December 2021
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Upgrade Priorities / Guides

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