5 Electro Dragon Tips to level up your game

Best Electro Dragon Tips in Clash of Clans

Do you use Electro Dragons a lot? Chances are you may not have thought about using them as we do. Electro Dragons are one of the strongest troops in Clash of Clans.

In this blog, we share Five Electro Dragon Tips that you can use. What do you know you might even find a use for one of them in your very next attack? 

Using Electro Dragons in a Blimp.

From TH10 onwards, you can use E-dragons inside a Blimp. Electro Dragon inside a blimp can take out a huge chunk of a base. Usually, they are supported by a Rage or/and a Clone Spell. 

If you are going into a base with closely packed defenses, take a few loons along with E-drags. The loons are to take down defenses and the E-drag is to take down Archer Queen, CC, etc. The examples below illustrate what combination is best for certain situations. If you are sending your blimp deep inside a base. You can use a Lava Hound in front to tank the defenses so that the Blimp reaches its desired target.

Blimping light core

Case 1: The area has only a few AIR targeting defenses (marked with RED) so cloning only the E-Drag is good.

Blimping dense core

Case 2: The area where the blimp will land has multiple air targeting defenses (in RED), it is better to go with loons + E-drag. You can even use two clone spells if you are going into such a dense area

Using them for Funneling 

E-Drags are one of the BEST troops for funneling. They even take out the second layer of the buildings behind a wall through their chain attacks. This is especially good for troops that have longer sight range, such as Bowlers, Archer Queen, Super Archers, etc.

They take up thirty housing spaces per troop, so use them wisely. In some cases, you are better off using cheaper troops for funneling. Cheaper funneling options are Super Goblins, Baby Dragons, Yeti, etc.

Yolotrone Attack

One of the more creative ways to use them is in a Yolotrone attack. In this attack, we usually start the attack by using two or three E-Drag, with a Stone Slammer or a Battle Blimp. This Kill Squad is usually supported with spells such as rages and freezes. The goal is to take out Key Defenses from the base to set it up for the second phase of the attack. If your second phase is Lava Loon, focus on taking out Air defense, defending AQ, CC, Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery, etc. 

Use Electro Dragons in TH9 Clan Castle

E-drag is arguably the BEST CC we can use at TH9. A solo e-drag CC supported with rage and/or freezes can take out a huge part of the base. A Raged E-drag can one-shot and Air Defense, almost taking out 70-80% health of an X-bow, one-shot enemy AQ at TH9.

If you are dropping the E-drag in an area having an Air Defense (AD). You can Zap out the AD, freeze it, or distract it with a bat spell (from your CC). The E-drag will lose health and it will be able to get more value. It is a good practice to drop a coco-loon to search for black mines before dropping an E-drag. 

Want to know more about spell usage? Check out our Ultimate Spell Guide

Dealing with Electro Dragon Clan Castle

Those TH9’s out there who fear facing E-drag CC, fear no more. Dealing with an electro dragon on defense is quite simple. If you are Queen charging into an e-drag CC, just poison the defending e-drag and rage your queen (easy as that).

Make sure that the rage is covering the healers too. If you are doing a smash or a spam-style attack, do the same thing. In most cases, the e-drag won’t be able to even get a shot off.

Be careful! If you are charging with a low-level Queen, the E-drag will simply one-shot your queen as it has a high damage per HIT. Here are the stats for damage per hit for each level of E-drag. Make sure your queen at least has this much HP. TH9 can receive only Level 2 E-drag in defensive CC. At TH9 the Queen can go to level 30 (1,324 HP).

Electro Dragons Chain Damage

For reference HP of the queen at:

1>Level 9: 856 HP
2>Level 14: 949 HP

3>Level 19: 1053 HP
4>Level 24: 1169 HP
5>Level 28: 1270 HP
6>Level 32: 1380 HP

General Electro Dragons Usage

Anchor them at High HP buildings

E-drags travel very slowly, so preferably anchor them at high HP buildings (such as Storages, Clan Castle and Town Halls). This will make sure that the E-Drag can get a lot of chains through the base while staying anchored at one spot. 

Structures need to be close to getting chained

E-Drags can only chain from one structure to another if they are at MOST one tile apart. If they are two tiles apart from each other, E-drag won’t be able to chain through them. For reference, Walls, Spring Traps, and Air mines are all 1×1 tiles. Chain damage drops off

The damage that an E-drag does drops off with consecutive targets. This means that the target the chain hits FIRST will receive the maximum damage, the next target will receive 20% less damage than the previous one, and so on.

Electro Dragon Chain distance

All the Brown lines show TWO tile gaps (unchain-able).
The Aqua line shows ONE tile gap (chain-able)

Chain AI

One E-drag chain can hit up to a maximum of five different targets. The chain path is determined by the distance of targets from each other. The chain will travel to the next target closest to it. If there are two structures at equal distances from each other, the chain would go towards the structure with more HP. 

The chains are not random, you can use this to your advantage and map out how the chains will go through the base. Although, if both of the structures have the same HP, the chain will go for either of them.

Are you a TH11 who has been on the receiving end of Electro Dragons? We have all been there, if you need a solid base (let’s make that five). Check out this link.


These were some of the electrifying tips I shared for Electro Dragons. If you have anymore, feel free to share in the comment section.

If you want specific guides or tips on other troops, let me know in the comment section.

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