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20 BEST TH15 Bases in Clash of Clans

Are you looking to dominate in wars at TH15? Want your TH15 Base to defend like a fortress? In this blog post, we share not one, not two, but TWENTY BEST TH15 Bases for you. You can use these Bases for War, CWL, and Trophy Pushing.

You can directly copy these from our website by clicking on the base links (>>Base Number<<). The recommended Clan castle troops for the TH15 Bases are provided in the screenshots. Most of these bases have been built by the builders at Clash Champs.

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>>Base 1<<

This TH15 base has a core Town Hall protected by two poison towers. The poison and bomb towers in the core make it hard to land any blimp. The core is also covered by two scatter shots and both air heroes.


This base features a core slightly islanded off Town Hall. The Invisibility spell tower in the core covers the town hall. It can force a 1 star on the base if the attackers are unprepared. A rage spell tower also covers the core. The other KEY defenses are distributed evenly throughout the base.


This is an anti-2 star TH15 base with a core Town Hall. This time the invisibility and rage spell towers cover the Town hall. Additionally, there are three multis and a monolith in the core too.

>>Base 4<<

This is a TH15 Base with a lot of open walls. The open walls can make funneling the troops into the base hard. The base has two poison towers protecting the Town Hall.

>>Base 5<<

This is an Anti-2-star TH15 base with a very dense core. The core has two poison towers, infernos, and scattershots.

>>Base 6<<

This is a diamond-shaped TH15 Base. The Town hall is at six and covered by an invisibility spell tower. There is also a rage spell tower in the core.

>>Base 7<<

The Town Hall is covered by invisibility and poison spell towers. The core has a single Inferno Tower. The Monolith is behind the Town Hall

>>Base 8<<

This TH15 Base has two poison spell towers that are away from the Town hall. The splash damage on this base is very evenly distributed throughout.

>>Base 9<<

This is an unorthodox base with two poison towers and a monolith in the core. The Town is slightly offset from the center.

>>Base 10<<

The TH15 base has multiple open compartments and an offset town hall. The Monolith is in the core. This base has two poison spell towers.

>>Base 11<<

This base has a huge Eagle Artillery compartment. Most of the compartments on this base are open. A poison spell tower protects the Town Hall and Monolith.

>>Base 12<<

This is a diamond-shaped TH15 Base. An Invisibility tower and a monolith cover the Town Hall. The base has all three inferno towers lined up. The base also has a poison spell tower.

>>Base 13<<

This base features a lot of open compartments. A ground X-Bow and a poison spell tower protect the Town Hall. The monolith is in the core.

>>Base 14<<

This TH15 Base has a big Eagle Artillery compartment. The Town is well protected. The base has two poison spell towers.

>>Base 15<<

The Town Hall in this TH15 Base is heavily protected with two X-bows, Monolith, and Clan Castle. The base has two poison towers and a big Eagle Artillery compartment.

>>Base 16<<

This Box Style TH15 Base has rage and invisibility spell towers covering the Town Hall. The Town Hall is not easy to grab. The base also has a lot of open walls to make funneling harder.

>>Base 17<<

The Town Hall is well protected with an invisibility spell tower, monolith, and two X-bows. The backend has two multi-inferno towers, eagle artillery, and a poison spell tower.

>>Base 18<<

The Town Hall compartment is open in this TH15 base. The town hall is very well protected, with two X-bows covered by a rage spell tower. The backend has two scatter shots, an eagle, and two x-bows.

>>Base 19<<

This is a box-style TH15 base. The Town Hall is well protected. The eagle compartment opposite the town hall is well protected with two ground x-bows and a multi-inferno tower. There are two multi-inferno towers with the clan castle building in the core.

>>Base 20<<

An unorthodox TH15 Base. The Town Hall compartment is open, but it is very well protected. The backend is also heavily defended with three multi-inferno towers, two x-bows, and two sweepers covered by a rage spell tower.

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