Clash Champs defeated NAVI in the Champions War League (CWL)

Clash Champs defeated NAVI in the Champions War League

Clash Champs defeated NAVI in the Champions War League in Clash of Clans.

Clash Champs vs NAVI in the Champions War League

Clash Champs recently faced off against NAVI in the Champions War League lower brackets match. Clash Champs defeated NAVI in the Champions War League and knocked them out of the tournament with a convincing 13-12 stars victory over them.

The Champions War League (CWL) is a Fair Play international Clan War League for players interested in competing at a higher level of gameplay in Clash of Clans. The prize pool for this season was $20,000. Join their discord to stay updated on new tournaments. Follow them on their Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.

Clash Champs started with a rocky start as they had a couple of two stars on the board, while NAVI had a triple. Clash Champs changed gears in the second half of the match and finished the match with three back-to-back triples from Leo, Loop, and CELINHO.

The bases from Clash Champs defended like a CHAMP and held NAVI, The World Champions to only 12 stars. The bases defended Kazuma and Klaus from NAVI who were having an impressive run in the tournament and playoffs so far.

Clash Champs defeated NAVI in the Champions War League

It was a nail-biting contest, and Clash Champs emerged victorious. You can watch the full match on Champions War League YouTube channel.

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