June 2024 Update in a Nutshell!

Sneak Peek 1

The upcoming June Update in Clash Of Clans is going to be huge! Sneak Peek #1 Contents: Builder’s Apprentice, new Tactical Overview, Hard Mode, Time & Cost Reductions, and QoL.

Builder’s Apprentice

  • The new character at Town Hall 10+, costs 500 Gems.
  • Speeds up Builder Upgrades for 1 hour every 23 hours.
  • Cooldown starts after use; upgrades up to Level 8 improve efficiency.
  • Builder Potion doesn’t affect Builder’s Apprentice.
  • It is only usable in Home Village, not in the Forge.

Tactical Overview

  • Select defender buildings before deploying troops, spells, or Heroes.
  • Highlight all buildings of the same type when selecting one.
  • Defensive buildings show range and configuration (e.g., Inferno Tower mode, Mortar range).
  • Builder Huts show healing range, Spell Towers show spell range.
  • Selected buildings display the current level.
  • Resource buildings show loot or level.
  • Clan Castle shows defending troop capacity.
  • Town Halls (level 12+) show weapon level.

Hard Mode in Friendly Challenge!

If you check the Hard Mode, Defenses deal +5% more damage, and attacking Heroes have -10% less HP and -15% less DPS.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Blacksmith shows “Full!” if any Equipment Ore storage is full and cycles through full Ore icons.
  • Clan Castle starts in Sleep mode when rebuilt.
  • Equipment targeting now considers building size to reduce targeting errors.
  • Added reminder for obstructed defensive layout in Builder Base during attacks.
  • Players can reorder their Supercell ID profiles when switching accounts.

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