Clan Profile

Clan Stats
Reddit Innuendo

Clan ID #9LUR2PL9
Clan Badge
Clan Level 10
Members 1
Location International
Required Trophies 0
War Log OPEN
War Frequency always
Win Percent 62.5%
War Wins 145
War Losses 82
War Ties 5
War Win Streak 0
Open in Game
Open in COS
Description RCS Members vs Leaders War! We gotta keep the throne and stay on top of those leaders. They are old, retiring is something that is long overdue! Members are here with skill and numbers.

Current War
Stage: notInWar
Size: vs
Status: TIE

SCORE: 0 0
Clan level : 0
Clan level : 0

Attacks: 0 0
Destruction %: 0% 0%

Exp vs Exp

War Performance

War Targets:

Name Target 1 Target 2 Offensive Rank Offensive Weight
Clan Members
Champ Rank League Exp Name Donated Received Ratio Trophies
1 Unranked 13 CONFIRM

0 64



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