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More than 100 million people play Clash of Something every day..   That’s a huge number!  And not to mention Clash of Clans is played in every country, with the exception of…Tuvalu.

Well Clash Champs is ready to take on that challenge…   Here we do something a little bit different that Clash of Clan’s doesn’t do.  And that’s to find out who the best of the best are at Clash Wars. Rather than ranking players by Trophies (which allows a lot of room for error and for those with a lot of time), we rank people based on their performance in a Clan War, which we believe really exhibits a player’s true skill-set.

The Clash Champ Tournaments is that special place where the Partners play a HUGE ROLE.  Over the course of X weeks (set by the Partner), your name is branded, posted, emailed, and seen by thousands of Gamers over and over.  Your brand instantly becomes a huge want, desire, and most importantly a house-hold discussion.  They want you, we want you, and you want us.  So hit us up, let us know how we can help, and let’s get this party started…

Reddit Bases
Reddit Bases

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