Player Stats

Tag #20VG0CJQ0
TH Level 10
League Crystal League II
League Badge
Exp Level 123
Trophies 2268
Best Trophies 3948
War Stars 299
Attack Wins 0
Defense Wins 5
Builder Hall Level 6
Versus Trophies 2228
Versus Battle Wins 372
Clan Lee foundation
Clan Tag #222VPV9LP
Clan Level
Role elder
Donations 286
Donations Received 66
Open in Game
Open in COS

Tournament History
Medals Position Alias Tournament
#999 revolutionary 2018 Best Offense Finals
#6 revolutionary Whose yo Daddy?
#19 revolutionary Base Building - Public
#39 revolutionary Champeaster 3
#20 revolutionary Champeaster 2
#25 revolutionary Champeaster 1
#5 revolutionary Luck of the Irish! (Builder)
#5 revolutionary Trophy Bashing! (LIVE)
#8 revolutionary Luck Of The Irish!
#999 revolutionary SACC Wings Tournament
#18 revolutionary Clover Clash 1
#6 revolutionary Trophy Train!
#999 revolutionary Veteran Player of the Playoffs (EWL)
#12 revolutionary Champentine 1
#3 revolutionary Veteran Player of the Month (EWL)
#29 revolutionary Champuary 2
#17 revolutionary New Years Clash Con
#3 revolutionary Champuary 1
War Performance




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