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  • Brand New
  • Latest Meta
  • Rigorously Tested
  • INSURED. Free Replacement If We Can’t Repair It.
  • Built by Professionals
  • Instant Download *when in stock*


If you’re looking to take the next step in your competition, why not buy a custom th9 pro base from our professional base builders. Custom bases are unique and built specifically for a purpose. You can even choose what type of base you’d like or what you think it absolutely needs to defend against.  You’ll be the only person that receives this custom th9 pro base. Our team collaborates while designing these custom th9 pro bases.  Then we test the bases thoroughly to ensure that they meet our base builders’ exceptionally high standards. Custom bases really are the best in the world at the time of purchase. If you need to win, they’re worth every penny.


Your base is automatically insured and is valid for 7 days after purchase. Insurance is only valid for random wars, Clan War leagues, Competitive Friendly Wars (all friendly wars to be verified by staff).  In the event of a sudden, immediate, game update with meta change, insurance will be invalid on all existing insurance policies. Friendly Challenge triples are not valid claims. Any changes made to the base design after purchase will void insurance. Changes may include, but are not limited to changes in trap placement, defensive settings of X-bows, Inferno Towers and Skeleton Traps.

We will only consider claims containing video proof of a fresh triple in the style of war the base is intended for. Insurance will only apply to equal level town hall triples, dip attacks will void the insurance. It is also invalid if the war weight is lower than the weight of the account the base was designed on. If your claim is successful, you will be notified via email. We will fix or replace the base within 48 hours from this email.  Please use the REPORT button next to your base via My Account to file an insurance claim.  For further inquiries please join us on Discord.

Legend Base Insurance

Given the current meta there are no insurance on Th9 Legend League bases, as Legends predominantly consist of Th16 players.


At Clash Champs, we stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our products for Clash of Clans, and we want our customers to feel confident in their purchase. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our pro base products. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply reach out to our customer support team within a specified timeframe, and we’ll make it right. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to providing you with the best experience possible as you enhance your Clash of Clans gameplay with our pro base products. Join countless satisfied customers who have elevated their gaming experience with our World Championship Pro Bases, and experience the assurance of our satisfaction guarantee.

Join the Clash Champs community on Discord for more information, meet the team or even if you only want to have a chat with us.

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War, Trophy, CWL / ESL

12 reviews for TH9 Pro Base

    TH9 Pro Base photo review
    Mohammad IrfanTH9
    October 5, 2022
    I ordered Three bases around December 2020. I still am using one of them in league play as it still holds at a good rate. Did some minor tweaks, other than that the base performs extremely well. It was built by Zeedos of course.
    Oliver Marshall
    January 21, 2022
    Just ordered my TH9 Pro Base. Looks really promising and tried a few FC's, holding up really well. Thanks Zeedos. <3 Honestly nuts, much love. ^^
    September 24, 2021
    The base works. A max townhall 9 player couldn't three star my base, but they got high percentage. But my clanmate just three stared the base, eventhough i never activated the base both in war or for multiplayer. You guys did a good job tho.
    Aron Loss
    March 29, 2021
    The new base is fantastic really good , anybody was able to make me 3 star , only 1 but with maxed clan troops for others th 9 is very difficult so very great base 👍
    Dranzer Kd
    March 26, 2021
    Well, base is holding up extremely well. I've checked it in two league matches and it has performed admirably. Please tell zeedos and other builders that they are doing an excellent job. Hail Clash Champs🙌
    Reply from Ice Queen:
    That is awesome to hear! Thank you for your fantastic review, we will let the builders know <3
    TH9 Pro Base photo review
    March 22, 2021
    I was fortunate to find you guys thru ECHO from YouTube, he recommended yall and boy was he right, every th9 that has attacked me in war cant seem to 3 star me, I am exited to continue doing business as am almost going to th10 myself, thank you for yalls hard work and time!!
    Reply from Ice Queen:
    Hey Meisaki! Thank you for this awesome review! I am so happy you found us and that your base has held up, Echo rocks! Hope to see you back soon <3.
    Josh Meisner
    March 21, 2021
    Perfect for anti 3 stars. The highest any th9 got on it was 72%. Once I get to th10 I'll definitely consider purchasing another
    Reply from Ice Queen:
    Thanks for the great review! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
    March 20, 2021
    Bought several bases for the clan! Worth every cent! Go Zeedos!!!!
    Reply from admin:
    Thank you for the fantastic review! We'll let Zeedos know! <3
    March 14, 2021
    I am very honest when it comes to reviews. They ran out of stock but within 24hrs they made me a fresh one like they do with every base. I've used the base they gave me and it's be amazing in friendly challenges and war. These bases are made for anti 3 stars and it did that job great!. I would highly recommend getting one for any townhall!
    February 25, 2021
    Excellent base! Went beyond my expectations! Destroyed half an army from the get go!
    Drippin 2Tall
    December 30, 2020
    The base performed well over the duration of my time in TH9, I already ordered a TH10 base and am looking forward to seeing how it performs.
    Reply from admin:
    Thanks for the great review! Let us know how the 10 goes! Cheers
    The Terminator
    August 12, 2020
    The base performed well. I put it in many wars and it wasn’t 3 starred by any th9. Great base!
    Reply from Champ Man:
    Thanks for the great review Terminator! :)

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