th15 attack strategy

Hog Rider The Hog Rider is one of the most iconic and beloved troops in Clash of Clans. This fearless warrior on his trusty hog is known for his incredible speed, brute strength, and devastating attacks. With his ability to jump over walls, the Hog Rider is an essential part of any successful attack strategy....
TH15 Air Spam Attack Strategy In Clash of Clans, an air spam attack at TH15 is a popular and effective strategy that uses air units such as the Inferno Dragon, Dragons, and Dragon Riders, coupled with the versatile Zap Spell. This attack is designed to overwhelm the enemy defenses with sheer firepower, making it a...
Super Barbarian Super Barbarian is a hot topic in the Clash of Clans community, and for good reason. This powerful troop is a force to be reckoned with, boasting increased health and damage compared to its classic Barbarian counterpart. Clash Bashing, recently posted a video exploring the capabilities of Super Barbarians at TH15 To start,...

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