The List

Champs Elite, Clash Champs’s competitive Clash of Clans team, has grown bigger and better and now has a new competition for all Champs. Each townhall lvl from 8 to 12 has 5 spots available on The List, in our first “List season”, team leader Tuck has chosen 5 players he believes are the best on our roster.

We are asking that you challenge our best for a spot, then climb the spot!
Are you ready to be on The List?

Do you think your name should be on the list? All you have to do to be considered is to talk to team leader Tuck or complete the call out form to call out our #5, and be willing to be added on the Champs Elite roster. From there you will have to compete in 3 head to head friendly matches with your callout opponent in our Champs Elite clan (#2088YLG0Q) with a Champs Elite Admin present. Bring your best troops and bases! For more detailed structure and rules read here.

Note that the starting list is based upon an opinion! It is posted below…Clash on Champs! @ClashofClans

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