Need Th12s for a $100 LIVE event Tonight!!

It’s time to bring it back! Do you have a TH 12 and would like to compete for $100 prize pool? It’s free to join and the winner gets $75 and 2nd place gets $25!

Date: Tuesday, October 2nd
Time: 7:30pm CST
Participants: 12 Players
Type: Double Elimination

– 70% of the troop composition must consist of air troops. Only up to 84 camp space can be used for ground troops.
– Cannot use more than 2 Electro Drags
– The tournament will be run in a separate clan and streamed by CarbonFin.
– Double Elimination and each person attacks at the same time.
– Only one account per user is allowed.
– CarbonFin makes all final judgement calls. Rules can change on number of hits each round dependent on number of participants.

Scoring System:
– Scoring is based off stars and then percentage. Ex) A 2 star 50% will beat a 1 star 99%

– Users will attack the same base but with one less hero.
– If there is still a tie breaker after that then users will attack again with 2 less heroes and so on.
– If there is still a tiebreaker, then users will attack with full army and will use time as tiebreaker after the scoring system.
– If there is still a tiebreaker, then they keep FC’ing till someone wins.

Must be in the event clan 30 minutes prior to the event starting (7:30pm CST) and if you are not ready when you’re called upon then you’re eliminated.

Match ups will be determined live on stream the day before the event. Will max out the tournament at 12 players.

Make sure to fill out the information and join CarbonFIn’s discord server.

Make sure to bookmark the event clan: TBD (#)

Include your discord name. If you don’t know your # just look at your profile. Ex) CarbonFin #0022

Again, make sure to join CarbonFin’s discord server to stay up to date when the event will take place and what clan to join.

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