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These are your Clash of Clans actively recruiting discord community servers.  Each community brings its own unique twist and style to the game Clash of Clans.

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Clash Champs

Clash Champs is the Premier Tournament, Recruiting, News Hub for Clash of Clans. It elevates Clash of Clans to a whole new level by hosting Tournaments and Recruiting utilizing the Clash of Clan`s data.  For our war Tournaments, we use an advanced formula that auto adjusts a Player`s score based upon the weight of a target with respect to their own weight.

Want to know more?  Check out our how does it work page!

Clash Connections

Howdy folks and welcome to the most wonderful place all about clash! Clash connections was the brain child of Lil Zebra. They felt there needed to be a fun place for everyone to all hang out and enjoy clash together no mater what level in the game they are.

In just a very short time it grew to over 1000+ folks and has kept growing to date. We have a great positive attitude and tons of variety in all things the game offers.

We also run contest and do giveaways here so if you lucky and catch the fever to be here often your chances of winning go up. Past prizes have included PayPal money, artworks by different creators and even maxed out bases. In the beginning as this snowball started to roll down hill and gain speed Lil Zebra was interviewed by the great YouTube Psycho. We have gathers a very knowledgeable and friendly staff here to assist you who all spend their free time here just hanging out and having fun.

Make sure to check out all the channels I know there is something for everyone here but most importantly is have fun!

Echo Gaming

ECHO Gaming offers strategy guides, tips, tricks and playthroughs for amazing games like Clash of Clans, Rise of Civilizations, PUBG Mobile, Identity V and more.

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Clash of News

Clash Of News at the base, what is it?

This is the news around Clash Of Clans non-stop, the news of different leagues and communities Clash on discord, etc.

We have techniques to present the news:

  • Webhooks linked to Twitter
  • YouTube videos that we retranscribe and publish, The use of sites recognized by Supercell, etc
  • A bot built only for Clash Of News that allows event management

In addition to the news, we have been involved for some time in organizing regular events, such as tournaments, friendly events and more...

Carbon Fin

I am happy to welcome you to my personal discord. This server is meant to be an extension on my stream and a place to grow a wonderful community. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great time!

You're more than welcome to tune into my Twitch live streams to interact with me in real-time.

Please subscribe to know when I post a new video here.

Clash Roulette

Clash Roulette elevates Clash of Clans to a new level by utilizing a roulette type system to randomly select clans to face off in a tournament style fashion. The idea of Clash Roulette was to allow clans from all sizes to experience a higher level game.

South African Gaming Community Server (SAGCS)

Welcome to the South African Gaming Community Server! Here you will meet plenty of local members representing clans, squads and teams from across South Africa and a touch of selective international mobile gamers. Hope you have a great time with us!


The hub for all of Elocuencias homies. This server is for the Twitch streamer elocuencia_. He streams Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars content.

CWL Alliance

Community for clans of our CWL Alliance.

Free Agent Press

The purpose of this server is to give FP league clans a place to find and recruit Free Agents (Players without a clan in a league) looking for a chance to participate in one of the many fun and challenging leagues in our fabulous war community. **This will not be a place for recruiters to post info about their clans. instead free agents post advertisements for themselves and recruiters can contact the free agents via DM.** Think of it as the Craigs List of free agents.

Friendly War League

A community of Fair Play Clans looking to expand their attacking strategies in a friendly war setting and also socially grow the game by connecting different clans that normally would never communicate/socialize within the game.

Clash News Hub

The Best Place to get everything clash Of Clans Related!

Husky Server Evolution

Husky Server Evolution was founded by @Ink#1909 in November of 2018 . My team strives to help people who dont know how , dont have the time, patience or knowledge needed to set-up a fully operational Discord server. We are in this to help people grow their servers into whatever vision they have for that Server. Whether that be Gaming,Giveaways, Clan ,Community or General use. We realized after helping many of our friends and colleagues set-up their Discord servers that there is a general want and need for the services we offer on a much bigger scale. We offer many services including: >Server Creation and Complete Set-up >Server help and Advice on Existing Servers >Server development. >Moderation services. >Admin Services >Server Maintenance We invite you to please join our server and come and chat. We would love to help you breathe life into your new ideas. Chat Soon! EVERYTHING IS FREE Husky Server Evolution Breathing life into new ideas

Roars War

Roar is here to bring you the most up to date content on mobile games such as Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars. If you are looking for a way to enhance your gaming ability then this is the place for you! Welcome and enjoy!


The Judo Sloth Gaming Discord Channel is a friendly and supportive environment where you can discuss anything Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth is a CoC based content creator who focuses in on strategy.

House of EL Community

A community resource for real Clashers, derived from one of the few OG clans left

EYG Community

You might have heard of us or seen us somewhere or even just wondered what on earth is EYG. We are effectively a large family of adult, no nonsense clans that work as one.

I`m not going to sit here and falsely preach that we have no drama like most other recruitment posts. That fact that we are still here two years after being founded and stronger than ever speak volumes. We are on a journey and put players love it, why not join the party?

Do you have a clan that might want to join the EYG family and a 20 clan, 2k adult clash community discord and enjoy just playing the game with some great perks. - League clans, epic events, fun people, connections, farm clans, casual clans, heavy clans. An active family that is still on the up and just enjoying things. Interested or just want to be a bit nosey and want to have a look around? - Then join our discord server.


Hi there! I welcome you to my personal discord server. This server is meant to be a place where fans of me and clash can hang out and chat as well as checking out my videos that i post on the server. Please let me know if you have any questions! Have a great time! Youre more than welcome to SUBSCRIBE to me on YouTube as well as FOLLOW me on twitch: to interact with me in real-time.

CWC-Clash World Cup

This is the World Championship of Clash of Clans by National Teams

AsCC-Asian Clash Cup

AACC Asian Clash Cup is the European Championship of Clash of Clans by National Teams. We aim to bring together the European Clash of Clans community in competitive and prestigious events. In an environment of friendship and fair play, favoring contact, exchange and union between different cultures.


Fair Play War League ( FPWL ) is an well organised friendly war competition where every aspect of the league from organization to communication, rules and so on. FPWL is designed in such a way with low town halls in mind. We do encourage and welcome the clans from all over the world. We host clans of varying sizes and skill levels and strive to offer unique options and experience that you may not find in the other clan war leagues.

AmCC-American Clash Cup

We present the America Clash Cup. We aims to bring together Clash of Clans players from American Continent, organized in national teams, one for each country, to compete in a tournament that will define the strongest country in this beautiful game. It is desired and it is essential to maintain a climate of respect, cordiality and professionalism from everyone involved, players, leaders, streamers and the general public, in organization and coordination chats, Twitter, live transmissions and battle recapitulations.

WCL- Warriors Championship League

Warrior Championship league (WCL) is an international Clan War League for skilled Warriors interested in competing at a higher level in Clash of Clans. WCL is a league of friendly wars. Clans accepted into the league will be assigned a schedule of opponents, one war per week. At the end of the regular season the highest ranked clans participate in a playoff to determine the season Warriors!

The Flub Chubs

CLAN RULES 1. Fill donations, but only if you have troops roughly on par with Th8+ troops. If youre a TH6 or below, the troops will hurt more than help. 2. Donate troops that match the request. 3. If youre a lower TH, only donate to those that are a lower TH if the th8+ havent filled the request yet 1. If youre in war, always get your first attack in, preferably within the first 12 hours. This gives time for the leaders to plan for cleanup picks. 2. Always follow the base youre assigned! If you have questions on how to 2-3 star your base, simply ask. 3. If you cant make it for a war, let us know ahead of time so we may take you out. 4. You are expected to understand basic attacks you may pull off at your TH level. If you need help, refer to the notes made on your base, and prompty watch videos on the attacks at your level.


Requirements are on our web site, along with full war log, stats, member rankings and profiles, and clan info. Check it out! Currently accepting non-rushed TH8-10s for regular war, and 11s and 12s for SCWL.

Clearly Confused

Clearly Confused is a network of clans that offers, supports, and encourage free trafficking between the family. Your life and bases changes constantly, so we believe that you should be able to move to where you are fitting at the moment! We are a family friendly clans so no swearing, profanity, or other poor behavior. Come join our family we wont confuse you too much ?

2T League

Welcome to the The Tournament (2T). The Premier Clash of Clans competitive war tournament! Do you have what it takes to bracket to the top?


Hi clashers!
I present you the server L'Empire!
A French and English server dedicated to the organization of events ( friendly wars ....) of the game Clash of clans! The server gathers the news of our internalionales partners and other servers! The news of most Youtubers known from the game Clash of clans are shared in our server! L'Empire is working with French and English servers!

Clash Files Family

The Clash Files Family produces three podcasts about Clash of Clans: Kent Greenhouse, Married With Clash, & The Clash Files. CFF clans are full of adult players who are mature, active, fun, relaxed, & clashy! Some members farm like mad for loot, others keep it casual, & our warmongers have a love for potlucks & leagues. Join our Discord-Partnered server to for a friendly & supportive community where you can discuss everything from games to tv shows to favorite pizza toppings!


Ive been playing since the game came out,im an active almost max th9, bh6, and a clan owner. I love making friends through clash and thats why i made my server,a place where people can come to,chat with fellow clashers and make friends. I want people to join my server and make friends,learn to play the game better,find theyre perfect clan,and more,i wanted to make it a fun,friendly environment,so i did just that.


The Sheapards #CRCV2V9P Recruiting - Active - Loyal - Mature - Friendly - Discord - Max clan games - Seasonal lottery


Looking for a clan that knows how to have fun? Hate drama? Do you have a brain? Join legendary clan WREAKHAVOC, always keeping the family vibes strong!

The Vagabonds

North American-based adult Clan 17+. Must be ACTIVE and love to WAR. Have a few spots open for Non rushed TH10 and above minimum 25/25 heroes. Optional, non mandatory

Mufasa Gaming

Gaming Community


Rebuilt Adult War Squad the end of 2017, turned it around into a solid war clan! We have lots of active core members with experience in many different leagues! We learn and grow together! Come check us out!

Jam Rock

Divine Clash Community

Divine Clash Comunity What are we? Divine Clash Community is a server in which fellow clashers can come together to help one another build each other up to benefit the Clash Community! What We Offer! We strive to help connect members of the community not only to form new friendships and bring members together, but also seek expert advice for war attacks, and stratagy. We also bring you the latest and most accurate Clash of Clans updates! Why Join? Divine Clash Community is a very laid back server for Clashers to talk Clash, share their achievements, and get to know one another. We invite each of you to incorporate yourselves into the community, and give/receive advice from top war attackers!



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