Player Stats
Sifu Bolo

Tag #28Y2YU082
TH Level 11
League Badge
Exp Level 188
Trophies 4256
Best Trophies 5284
War Stars 1406
Attack Wins 0
Defense Wins 0
Builder Hall Level 8
Versus Trophies 3786
Versus Battle Wins 1789
Clan Champs Elite
Clan Tag #2088YLG0Q
Clan Level
Role elder
Donations 0
Donations Received 0
Open in Game
Open in COS

Tournament History
Medals Position Alias Tournament
#1 Sifu Bolo Champeaster 1
#2 Sifu Bolo Clover Clash 3
#8 Sifu Bolo Clover Clash 1
#4 Sifu Bolo Builder Bonanza!
#12 Sifu Bolo Freezing February
#3 Sifu Bolo Trophy Train!
#999 Sifu Bolo Veteran Player of the Playoffs (EWL)
#11 Sifu Bolo Champentine 3
#3 Sifu Bolo Champentine 1
#2 Sifu Bolo Champuary 3
#8 Sifu Bolo Champuary 1
#6 Sifu Bolo AbleGamers Charity
#7 Sifu Bolo Clash Connections
#5 Sifu Bolo New Year Bash!
#1 Sifu Bolo Merry Champsmas 1
War Performance




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