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Clash of Clans June 2023 Update is around the corner, and we have some exciting sneak peeks for you. In this sneak peek, we have 2 NEW Magic Items, New Super Troops, New levels for Defenses, Traps, Siege Machines, Heroes, and even a couple of pets at Town Hall 15. Introducing Two New Magic Items:...
Introducing the Trophy Race Tournament: A Thrilling Clash of Clans Competition Greetings, Clashers!  Do you have what it takes to be the BEST pusher? Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey as we bring back the Trophy Race Tournament, one of our most popular tournaments at Clash Champs. With a focus on town hall levels...
20 BEST TH15 Bases in Clash of Clans Are you looking to dominate in wars at TH15? Want your TH15 Base to defend like a fortress? In this blog post, we share not one, not two, but TWENTY BEST TH15 Bases for you. You can use these Bases for War, CWL, and Trophy Pushing. You...
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Ranking Every TH14 Strategy in Clash of Clans TH14 opens the door to many attack strategies in Clash of Clans. But how do you decide which one is the BEST? In this video, CorruptYT Ranks Every TH14 Strategy from BEST to WORST at TH14. Make sure you check out the video and use the best...
Goblin Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans Goblin Warden Challenge is live in Clash of Clans. Watch the video to learn how you can easily 3 stars the Goblin Warden Challenge. After you successfully 3 star the challenge, you get 400 Experience points, 25 Gems and a super troop potion. In addition to these, you...
TH9 Upgrade Guide in Clash of Clans Embarking on the journey to Town Hall 9 (TH9) in Clash of Clans is an exciting step for any player. With a wide range of new defenses, troops, and upgrades available, TH9 offers great potential for enhancing your village’s strength and strategic prowess. However, navigating the upgrade process...
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English US Based Clan Chill/Competitive war clan. we are HUGE on instant, 24/7 donations. We are looking for experienced players to step up and be a leader here! Crazy active clan, check us out. Master II CWL TOP TWO TROPHYS IN CLAN GET GOLD PASS!


  • Level: 21
  • Members:
  • Location: United States
  • Status: Invite Only
  • Record: 436-399-5
  • Win %:
  • War Freq: Always


  • Town-Hall: 15+
  • Heroes: Almost Maxed
  • Trophies: 0+
  • Language: English
  • Donations
Crimson Fog is a casual clan, looking for TH8+ players who are active daily. apply via discord or use clash champs when applying in-game.


  • Level: 23
  • Members:
  • Location: Antarctica
  • Status: Open
  • Record: 521-336-2
  • Win %:
  • Win Streak: 1
  • War Freq: Always


  • Town-Hall: 8+
  • Heroes: Intermediate
  • Trophies: 1500+
  • Language: English
  • Adults Only
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About Clash Champs

Clash Champs is the Premier Tournament League for Clash of Clans War Champions.  Clash Champs elevates Clash of Clans to a whole new level by hosting Tournaments utilizing Player’s War results.

“Greatest thing bout clash so far besides the wars.” -Tim/The Pranksters
“It made Clashing fun again!” -Lana
“Feels like Fantasy Clash, but better!” -EJ
“Clash Champs brings a whole new level of gameplay to Clash of Clans.” - Dawn Keyballs

Clash Champs uses an advanced formula that auto adjusts a Player’s score based upon the weight of a target and their own weight. Clash Champs strives to be the best and are always improving its Tournaments and formulas in order to seek out the best Clash Champs.


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