How Does It Work?

So how does it work?

Simply put, your war attacks from your clan are recorded and ranked against other players from the same town-hall.


Can you be more specific?

Once you’ve completed the 3 Steps below and your Tournament has begun, you will participate in Clash of Clans War like you normally would.  Clash Champs then extracts your war information (which is live by the way) from your clan and puts it in an awesome formula that evens out the game-play.  Your score will be reflected on the tournament leader-board shortly after each attack.  Whoever has the highest score for each Town Hall and has completed the minimum number of attacks required wins the tournament!

Once the tournament is over, many Clash Champs will be named on our wallafame!  The top 3 from each town-hall will be invited to the Clash Champ’s Finals.  Tournaments will run non-stop all year round.


3 Steps to get you Champ Clashing:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Sign up for a Tourney
  3. Join a Clan (optional) before the Tournament Begins


Can I stay in my own clan?

The answer is YES!  As long as your clan has its war log open and your war match is not part of the Farming War League (FWL).


Can you switch clans as long as you stay in a Clan with an Open War Log?

Yes you can!


How long do tournaments last?

Most tournaments run 2-3 weeks, but each may vary.


Whats this list of Clans on the website?

Clans that are Registered Clans that are looking to host Tournament Players.  Clans that sign-up will be listed on the website and Clash Champs will provide statistical advantages to help their Clans in War.


How does the scoring work?

To put it simply,  our formula works like this:  Depending on the format, we rank you based upon a lot of variables (like your troops, town-hall level, etc..) and we compare that to the opponents defense.  If you attack higher than your war weight (rank), you’re rewarded.  However, if you attack lower than your war weight, you won’t receive all the marbles. So no matter who you decide to attack, our advanced formula will do its very best to even out the battlefield.  And do note, we’re always perfecting it!


Do dips and scouts count?

No they do not.

-Offensive attacks that are not within the +- 1 from your ranked Townhall level do not count.

-Defensive attacks that are not within -1 from your Town-hall do not count as well.


Why isn’t my score showing up?

There’s 2 possible reasons:

  • Check  your Clash ID and make sure it is exact and that it returns the correct alias.
  • Also check that your Clan’s war log is open.


What are the rules?

Tournament Formats and Rules can be found here.


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