🏆Trophy Racing Baby!🏆

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This is a Trophy Race! Before the clock starts, make sure your trophies are ABOVE the Starting Trophy Requirement, else be left out! If your trophies are red, that means you are below the level. Sign-ups are now open: https://www.clashchamps.com/tourneys/

Start Date: 08-28-2019

End Date: 09-27-2019

Town Hall Level(s): 8 – 12

Starting Trophies: 

Prizes offered to each Town-hall level 
1st Place Receives 1000 Champ Bucks!  2nd Place Receives 500 Champ Bucks! 
3rd Place Receives 250 Champ Bucks!

How does this work? 
It’s fairly simple. Whoever has gained the most trophies at the end of the Tournament wins! If a golden egg lands next to your name then consider yourself lucky as you just won a secret prize!

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