Bradders’ guide to Town Hall 12 base building


The purpose of this guide is to give you, the builder, all the tools you need to create a TH12 base design that will never ever be tripled in any style war (mixed th/elite th12 only/No Dip/Clan war leagues/ESL speed wars) .

Throughout this guide I will cover everything from the overall general base design to mandatory trap placements. If there are any queries about anything within this guide, my dm’s are always open (@bradders#8451), or you can seek help with your builds here: 


In order to create that unbreakable base there are a few things we need to think about before we start. The best attackers break bases down by looking at what they can get with how much troop space, we think of this as value for troop space or just “value”. How much value can I get if I send this kill squad in through 4 o’clock on a base?  It is our job as base builders to reduce value wherever possible, so key structures like the queen/EA/TH/IT’s should all be quite well spread out through your design in order to not give too much away to a kill squad or queen walk/charge.

Once we’ve reduced value in our builds the next thing to think about is enemy troop movements through our builds, we call this pathing. Where will the enemy troops path to next after knocking down a defence. If the “pathing” is difficult then troop splits will occur or troops will end up doubling back on themselves and this makes it very difficult to secure that triple.

Mandatory placements

Yes that’s right, much like my th10 base-building guide there are some mandatory features of your base design, that you absolutely have to follow in order to create a base that will withstand not only one war but the test of time, build well enough and you might not have to again until supercell brings out a new troop (f’kin bats).

The last guide I wrote was for town hall 10s and it was way back when Inferno Towers still stopped healing. A lot of the mandatory placement of traps hasn’t changed in 2 years so some of the following screenshots have been taken from my th10 base building guide written in 2017.


Traps are probably the most important thing to place within any build. A good attacker will be able to look at most fresh bases and break down the value areas to prepare a hit, it is trap placement that often is the only deciding factor in a triple becoming a failed attempt.

Spring Traps

There are a few ways to place springs but they are always placed between 2 defences to stop hogs, if they’re between 2 defences outside the wall they can also be useful against witches (who will be making a comeback post march 2019).

The green ticks will work well, the red crosses will work but only when troop movement is in one direction (so less useful).

Small Bombs

Small bombs should always be placed 2 tiles away from the wall, this is so that they stop raged wall breakers and unraged wall breakers (any other distance from the wall and they are not as effective as they could be).

You should also place them between buildings (not behind) as wall breakers run around buildings not through them.

Giant Bombs

Giant bombs should be used singularly and away from your queen, they should also never ever be right next to an inferno tower (in particular when set to multi), most attackers will plan to heal through multi inferno towers, so placing a giant bomb at the foot of a multi inferno tower will negate its explosive power. Giant bombs should also be between 2 defences, if they’re outside the base they can help to eliminate flank troops, placing them between 2 defences will help against hogs (who are also about to receive a buff -march 2019).

Air Bombs

Where possible avoid placing these next to air defences so that hounds don’t spring them. Also avoid placing them next to inferno towers where possible as these areas are likely to be healed again. They usually work well placed next to wiz towers or next to xbows.

Seeking Air Mines

In an ideal world, seeking air mines always hit hounds/healers/siege machines. With that in mind they should never be placed near or within the core of a base.

They tend to work well placed next to air defences though this is not always the case, depending on where the ad placement is.

Tornado Trap

The tornado trap where possible should be placed 2 tiles (2 tile gap) away from defence but in the path that troops will definitely take this is so that when troops get caught in the tornado trap they will remain under fire from defences without being able to hit defences in return.


Tesla’s should always be used to either make a funnel more difficult (more expensive), or be a surprise area of intense dps that requires spells to overcome (tesla farm), or be used in a “troll” fashion to maybe cause opponents to time fail, in some cases it can be the difference between success and failure. Teslas should never be directly touching another defensive structure including other teslas so that loons can’t drop them with their splash damage.

It’s one of the saddest moments watching your team-mate’s OP hit fail because of a damn troll tesla in the corner. This base was tripled the hit after this, the fresh attack shown here was a 99 time fail due to this troll tesla. Annoying, but they work.

Defensive buildings

Let’s take a look at buildings the fresh hitter can see…

Clan Castle

Your clan castle should never be an easy lure, if it is then you can bet your house that the fresh hitter will exploit that so that the cc doesn’t have to be dealt with mid raid, make the attacker use 15-20 troop space or more if they want to lure your cc. Choosing what defensive troops to have will be discussed later.


Generally these are placed near air defences but don’t have to be, nor do they have to be within the base.

Archer Towers

These, like cannons, are usually placed peripherally to the core of the base, they give good air cover but also are one of the main defences that stop an easy single wiz funnel.

Wizard Towers

Where possible don’t place these next to air defence, you don’t want these to target hounds ever if you can help it. 

Bomb Towers

These should be used to protect the queen and your EA specifically from skeletons. You should try to avoid placing giant bombs next to these too as they’re already a giant bomb.

The reason we use bomb towers to protect the queen over wiz towers is that bomb towers are ground targeting only.


Mortars are still literally useless unless defending against goblins. Just use them to make funneling more difficult but don’t give them away for free.


Current meta sees that all xbows should be set to air and ground. Air is king for attacking at the moment and that should be reflected in your builds.

Air Defences

Air defences should never be arranged in a square shape or in a C shape or L shape as generally this makes for easier la-lo pathing. You should avoid stacking them next to each other so that they can’t be zap’d with a lightning spell. You should also make sure they are covered by some form of splash damage (sometimes this does have to be a wizard tower), this is specifically to stop the very powerful drag-bat attack strategy.

Air Sweepers

Never have air sweepers facing the same way, because it will just bring on a drag or e-drag hit from behind the sweepers, or even a lalo hit. Sweepers that face the same way give attacks a lot more options.

It is a good idea to have one covering your queen to stop blimp electrone value.

Inferno Towers

Spread your inferno towers out so that multiple cannot be dropped with a kill squad, I see some bases defending ok with single IT’s but generally all 3 should be set to multi, they do well stopping incoming kill squads as well as backend troops of any variation. They should be in awkward pathing compartments, like channels or island compartments to make troops avoid targeting them.

Barbarian king

Your king is usually placed near the town hall to defend against small kill squads that are designed to take out just the town hall.

Archer Queen

She’s an absolute beast, protect her. Her range ring shouldn’t extend outside the boundary of the outer wall, if it does, you should be sure no troop will lure her.

Town Hall

Your town hall should be within 2 wall layers or deep enough so that small kill squads like heroes on their own cannot grab your town hall. It should be offset from the core still though, we’re not building a ring here.

Eagle Artillery

Your EA should be placed such that it is not easy for a kill squad to grab it so again, should be within 2 wall layers. Moats can be used to make it difficult to path troop to the EA, but the EA should not be place in a huge deadzone island, it should be difficult to drop.


Trash is probably one of the most important things to place when it comes to base-building and nobody gives it the attention it deserves. You should use you trash to make funneling difficult. You should use trash to hang miners up within the base. You should have higher hit point trash closer to your exterior wall than lower hit point trash. You should only protect mortars with camps and builders huts as any other trash building will result in an easy bowler bounce, which usually makes an easy funnel for the attacker. Think about your trash, don’t stack trash together along a flank as it’ll make the e-drag funnel easy to achieve. 

See above screenshot, 2 tile gap between the elixir pump + elixir storage and the archer tower + army camp means that the edrag funnel cannot be realised so easily. See how the mortar below cannot be bowler bounce from the elixir storage and that the hut in front of it has lower hit points than the mortars so a bowler here cannot create the funnel.

Trash in general should either be 0 tiles from the wall to make funneling harder, 1 tile from the wall (only if this is to create a 2 tile gap between the storage and the closest defence), or 2 tiles from the wall to conceal the placement of a hidden tesla or make the attack think there may be hidden tesla there.

Optional placements

As in my previous guide I had an optional placements section for traps and buildings, there is a lot more freedom when building a th12 compared to th10. You have enough walls and defences to make crazy looking islands or channels, compartment sizes are not restricted either, though they should never be huge. If there is anything so far that you don’t understand feel free to ask on discord (@bradders#8451).

Air traps

This is the kind of set up I usually opt for with air traps, air bombs are usually on the suspected lalo path. Sam’s are used for incoming hounds or blimps. Or behind the th where a queen charge is potentially a way to attack the base, a sam can drop a healer nice and early ending that queen charge prematurely. Notice how I keep all of these away from my queen.

Key objective buidlings

Key objective like the EA, the queen and the TH should be spread out so that an attack can’t grab them all in the same phase of his or her attack, see below:

You can then incorporate other key objective in like inferno towers that should also be spread out:

Remember, though, that defenceless cores make for easier lalo and hog pathing.

Clan Castle Troops

There are a variation of defensive clan castle troops that you may wish to run after you’ve completed your builds, currently running 2x ice gols and a baby dragon (ice ice baby) seems to work very well against ground attacks but does open the base up to being hit by air which right now is the current meta, so it is worth thinking about setting traps (skeleton traps) to air if you intend to run ground stopping CC troops.

If you expect to get hit by dragons, it may be worth including a witch in your defensive CC composition or even 2 witches if you’re certain the clan you’re going to face will try to drag hit your base.

Currently hounds are a bit out of favour in defensive CC troop compositions, this may change when the Ice golem freeze time gets reduced, hounds do work well against kill squad based attacks, they slow them up and distract the incoming queen.

Double normal dragons is a safe favourite at th12, especially if you think the attack is going to be a lalo variation although that is a lot less common now due to most new meta bases running 3x multi inferno IT’s.

My Builds

As explained in other guides and here. You need to find your thing. It will come to you.

When starting a build I usually get the idea for a feature in the build, one that I may have seen work well somewhere else like a dead zone that troops avoided costing time or something similar to this. I will then create the desired feature and fit the current meta base around that feature. I cannot say much more than that without physically showing you a build… and well, they’re for me and mine so won’t be displaying a catalogue of bases for you here.

I finish off my builds by getting it critiqued by at least 3 of my most trusted builders (Homer#3434, Van#8049, and Tom#9358) and then get it friendly challenged by players with talent and by multiple attacks starting with the ones it looks weak to. For th12s it can sometimes be difficult to find friendly challenges, there are th12 only friendly challenge clans purposely created for practising, you can find these on the base building server.

Though I am not willing to display a catalogue of my builds, I am going to go through a live build , which I edited moments before writing this guide as there was a feature I didn’t like after critique and fc, so I will go through all of the steps and thought processes.

Live Fresh Build

Here I will show a build from start to finish, the way I do it. Obviously I’m not going to give away my best work but this section should give you a good starting point of the steps I follow when building a base.

I will however, start by saying that this base idea or feature was inspired partly by a town hall 10 build that I faced recently in a war against War Whales that defended 7 times against us in an NDL match. So I’ve tried to extrapolate the base idea up to work at town hall 12 too. The feature that worked well was have xbow islands as well as inferno tower islands. Let’s see if we can make it work…

So the idea is to have two multi infernos hitting troops as the incoming attack goes toward 12 (I planned to place the town hall at the 12 o’clock side of the base).
I’ve used all of my elixir storages to protect the infernos, they will also help against miners as a heal spell won’t last as long as it takes them to drop 2x storages (unless there’s an absolute loadddd of them).

The queen alter at this point is just a place holder to help with compartment sizing. Initially that big compartment at 6 o’clock was far too big so I’ve edited in the above screenshot to be more orthodox.

I begin to build further, The town hall 10 build I’m extrapolating this off had 3 easy reach air defences, it baited an electrone hit.

I have now moved the queen slightly offset and placed the cc centrally, the EA I don’t want to be in a straight line path from entry to the town hall through the queen.

I then add the town hall and 2 xbow islands to make pathing difficult, I still have space for the third inferno tower, So we now have the bones of the build. The central air defence is there to put off a drag hit, though this is likely what this will be hit with.
I begin to place defences and realise the EA could be grabbed by the queen from the core so I extend the channel compartment out by one tile and so protect the EA a little bit from a kill squad at 6. Notice how none of my 4 xbows can be grabbed by the queen from outside the base. The 3rd inferno tower I decide is going at 9 o’clock, I know that currently it is walkable and I plan to fix this as I near the end of the build.
I place more defences and bring the 9 o’clock inferno tower in by a tile which makes it no longer walkable from 9 o’clock but does not mean bowlers can shoot it over the wall from inside the base (I don’t like this).
I’ve now placed a lot of defences, notice that some defences are 1 tile apart and some are 2 tiles apart, spring traps will fit nicely between some while giant bombs will fit nicely between others.

At this point I step back and take a look at the progress, are there any obvious weaknesses?

I provisionally place mortars, this is where I decide the whole base needs moving, so that I can protect the mortars from being free. The mortars needed to be placed to stop the cc lure being so easy.
I place more exterior defences to make the funnel more difficult, this can often be a trial and error style, where defences will move multiple times before the build is anywhere near ready.
I then proceed to place the trash. Using camps and huts to protect the mortars, the trash varies between 0 and 2 tiles form the exterior of the wall. The higher hit point trash is closer to the wall always. I place to teslas along the 12-3 side. I go for two troll teslas also. I go for varying gaps between the trash parallel to the wall so that edrags can’t funnel so easily.
And here the base is with no traps placed yet so in scout mode plus teslas. Sweeper positioned changed on one of my iterations of improvements, I thought more was covered this war.
I place the spring traps as best I can way from the defending queen. they are always between 2 defences. The trap at 9 o’clock will also work against wall breakers.
Then I place the giant bombs, they are also all placed between 2 defences and largely external to the base to stop those flank troops. Not next to infernos.
Tornado trap goes down, 2 tiles away from the eagle artillery and also away from the town hall but close enough to be in range, I’m hoping by the time it is activated the town hall is also activated and reigning down crazy dps on the incoming troops whilst they’re smashed into the wall. Skelly traps are placed next to the 2 xbow island x-bows and one next to the town hall, they’re all set to air because I can only see this being attempted with air in honesty.
Seeking air mines go down, all external to the base, 2 of them are placed at 12 to stop potential queen charges at the town hall. The other 4 are placed opposite at places I feel an incoming blimp would be placed…
Air bombs are all placed interior at places I don’t think hounds will fly over but loons will so they’re next to my island xbows and wiz towers.
Small bombs are then placed, they’re all 2 tiles away from the wall and in places where I think an attack might attempt to wall break the queen into the base also where there’s no splash inside the base as single targeting defences are easier to wall break into.

And there it is the final build. Until I changed it. Under review, the to inferno towers at 9 o’clock were too close together so I had to do something in order to fix that, can’t have a 1 spell space freeze being enough to negate 2x inferno towers…

So I pinched in the inferno tower compartment at 4 and extended the one at 9 so that I could move the 9 o’clock IT away from the 7 o’clock IT whilst still having it not be walkable. I’m still not quite 100% happy with this and may change again in the future (still don’t like the 9 o’clock area), but there it is, the build, yet to be tripled in friendly challenges.

I held back on releasing this document to the public as I planned to use this base in a league match for week 3 of EWL’s th12 only 15v15 division to prove its worth…

Defence number 1
Defence number 2
Defence number 3
Defence number 4
Defence number 5
5 defences in a league match that was pretty intense finishing at 35-34 in Proc’s favour.

My Clan

I lead and run Procrastibators, have done for many years, if you’re a TH12 and want in on some all th12 league action, come and find us at: 

We’ll be ready and waiting…


A lot of this may seem very vague but it isn’t intended to be, I’d like it to be seen as inspiration for those undefeatable bases that end up being called “that wanky internet base” when the meta changes again next year.

Catch my live build streams on for more tips and tricks. I’m always reachable on Discord at: @bradders#8451

There’s no way I’ve managed to cover everything here so when the questions start rolling in I will update this guide accordingly.

At the end of the day, use your creativity to come up with the best builds that you can, you might find the next new thing that ends up in a guide like this, good luck!

Thanks for reading this far, I hope it helps!

This guide was written by Bradders. Article banner made by BoxyzzZ

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