Clash of Clans Creator Boost!

Supercell is AWESOME!!!

The most recent update from Clash of Clans gave us the ability to now show love to our favorite Content Creators by giving them a CREATOR BOOST! This is AMAZING! Thank you Supercell! You Rock! I can’t think of any other gaming company in the world that shows as much love as Supercell does for their Content Creators. <3


With that said, Clash Champs was given a special code that you can now enter to show your support. All you have to do is go to your settings in Clash of Clans > more > scroll to the bottom and enter in the Creator Boost codeClash Champs“.

Enter in the Creator Boost code “Clash Champs”

clash of clans creator boost
Enter Creator Boost Code
clash champs creator code
Enter Creator Code: Clash Champs

Note: Setting this code does expire after one week, so hopefully in a weeks time you’ll remember to reset it to support Clash Champs or your favorite Content Creator.

Thank you for your support!

Clash Champs

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  1. Avatar harry kierie

    yes I added you to the support

    with 4 accounts 😎😁

    good luck ferder with what you guys are doing here

    cheers 🍸

    1. Thank you Harry! We really appreciate it! Don’t forget to reboost after a week as it’ll expire. You rock!

      Cheers 🙂

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  6. That’s great option, Clash of clans definitely takes care of it’s community ^^,

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  8. رائع جدا الان يمكن لي دعم منشئي الذي اريده شكرا لكم على مبادراتكم في التحديثات و إضافة أشي جديدة تجعل اللعبة اجمل

    1. مرحبا بك! يساعدنا دعمكم على تحسين أدواتنا للمجتمع!

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