Siege Barrack is Here!! – Clash of Clans – December Update 2019

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On the third day of Clashmas, Supercell gave to us… Siege Barracks!

Yesterday we showed you the Town Hall 13 design with some gameplay, which was awesome! We also get to show you something new today!

Because today, Clash of Clans has revealed the NEW Siege Barracks coming with this December update 2019!

Siege Barracks Information
Siege Barracks Info

The Siege Barracks parachutes down to release P.E.K.K.As, wizards and finally the Clan Castle troops. As seen above a max Siege Barracks will give you 1 P.E.K.K.A and 12 Wizards! WOW, a total of 73 troop space extra! From the image above we can also see that the max Siege Barracks is level 4, so there will be a new level on the siege machines this winter update. It definitely seems like this coming Winter Update will be filled with surprises.

With Winterjam still going for few days, where all Home Village buildings, traps and wall are on 50% discount, there is still time to treat yourself to the Gold Pass and getting the Jolly Barbarian skin. Perfect for getting all those rewards to help you get ready for Town Hall 13 and also get the Siege Barracks December 2019!

Jolly Barbarian king- siege barracks revealed
Jolly Barbarian King

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Happy Clashing!

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