TH10 Trophy Push Tournament in Clash of Clans

TH10 Trophy Push Tournament

Presenting the Trophy Race Tournament: An Epic Clash of Clans Challenge for TH10!

Are you prepared to showcase your skills as the ultimate trophy pusher at Town Hall 10? Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure as we introduce the TH10 Trophy Push Tournament, now specifically tailored for TH10 clashers. Brace yourself for an intense competition that will push your trophy count to the limit.

Just as before, the Trophy Race Tournament centers around one simple objective: to amass the highest number of trophies within a designated time frame. It’s a battle against time, fellow players, and your own pushing prowess. Whether you excel at landing three-star attacks or defending like a CHAMP, this race demands unwavering dedication and consistent performance to emerge as the victor.

How to Register for TH10 Trophy Push Tournament?

register for TH10 trophy push tournament

To register, go to:

Enter the player tag of your TH10 account. You will also need to validate your account by entering your API token. You can find the API token by going to Settings> More Settings> API Token> Click on “Show.” Once done, you are good to go! You can participate with multiple accounts!

Mark your calendars for the commencement of the TH10 trophy race tournament.

  • TH Level: TH10
  • Sign-ups open: NOW
  • Trophy Race Tournament Starts: July 1st, 15:00 UTC
  • Trophy Race Tournament Ends: July 24th.

To ensure fair competition, we’ve implemented a minimum starting trophy requirement. All TH10 participants must have a trophy count of 2000 or higher when the race commences.

Prizes for the tournament

TH10 trophy push tournament prizes

Now, let’s unveil the coveted rewards that await the valorous champions in the TH10 category. We understand the significance of recognition and triumph in Clash of Clans, so we have curated a bountiful collection of gems, Champ Bucks, exclusive Pro Base Packs, and Barbarian King Stone Statue.

The distribution of prizes for the top three winners is as follows:

  • 1st place: 1000 Gems + 3000 Champ Bucks + Pro Base Pack + Barbarian King Stone Statue
  • 2nd place: 500 Gems + 1500 Champ Bucks + Pro Base Pack + Hog Rider Clash-a-Rama Plushie
  • 3rd place 250 Gems + 750 Champ Bucks + Pro Base Pack

In addition to gems, we have an exciting feature called the Golden Egg. You can win a secret prize if you spot a golden egg next to your name on the leaderboard! Keep an eye out for this special surprise throughout the tournament. We are also giving out Gem giveaways on stream, so stay tuned for that.

Additionally, every player will receive 10 Champ Bucks per account registered. You can redeem the Champ Bucks at our rewards store.

You can contact the tournament admin and staff on our discord server if you have any queries. Clash ON!

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