Recall Super Barbarian attack by Kazuma

recall super barbarian

Recall Super Barbarian attack in Clash of Clans

Kazuma from NAVI used Recall Super Barbarian attack at TH15 against Chasmac EA in the Goated Series Upper Bracket Finals. Recall Spell is used to recall troops out of the base and re deploy them where they are needed. This can pair well with Super Barbarian attack in Clash of Clans.

Super Barbarian is a force to be reckoned with, boasting increased health and damage compared to its classic Barbarian counterpart. Let’s delve a little deeper into the stats of Super Barbarians. With 1,000 hit points and 144 damage per hit (at level 8), they’re definitely a step up from regular Barbarians. One thing to keep in mind when using Super Barbarians is that they are still vulnerable to splash damage from defenses like scatter shot and wizard towers.

To unlock Super Barbarians, players will need to upgrade their regular Barbarians to level 8 in the game’s laboratory. Once the upgrade is complete, players can train Super Barbarians after unlocking them as the super troop.

Overall, Super Barbarians are a fantastic addition to the Clash of Clans universe. They bring a new level of power and versatility to players’ armies, and can be used in a variety of offensive strategies. You can use them in a Recall Super Barbarian attack as Kazuma did in his attack.

Did he triple? Watch the above video from Clash with Eric to find out.

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