Dragon Festival in Clash of Clans

Do you want to gather the Red Envelopes FAST? Get the most amount of Dragon Medals in the Dragon Festival event. Get a lot of cool rewards from the Dragon Festival shop in Clash of Clans. Want to know the best attack strategy to dominate with the Azure Dragon and Firecracker? In this blog, we will share the best tips that you can use to make the most out of the Dragon Festival event, including a secret trick to get more red envelopes in fewer attacks.

What is the Dragon Festival event in Clash of Clans?

Dragon Festival is a new in Clash of Clans. It will last from 8th February to 22nd February 2024. During this event, you can collect red envelopes, use dragon medals from the event pass in the event shop at the trader, use the temporary event troops, the azure dragon the firecracker, and much more.

How do you collect Red Envelopes at the Dragon Festival event?

Red Envelopes

You can collect red envelopes by attacking other players in multiplayer battles. You need to destroy the Clan Castle and the Grand Warden statue (if your opponent has those) to collect them. These buildings will have an icon above them showing how many red envelopes you can get from them.

A secret trick to get MORE Red Envelopes with fewer attacks. When the event started, you could get a maximum of 345 red envelopes per attack at TH16 in Legends League. But now (when writing this blog), you can get 515 red envelopes per attack.

It means you have to do LESS number of attacks to finish the event pass as the event progresses. So, if you do your attacks in the last week of the event, you can complete the pass in very few attacks. This strategy can be used if you have to finish it on multiple accounts or if you are busy at the moment.

What is the BEST use of Dragon Medals?

You can get a total of 3100 Dragon medals from the FREE EVENT pass in the Dragon Festival. The NEW EPIC hero equipment for the queen, the frozen arrow, costs exactly 3100 dragon medals. So, if you plan to buy the frozen arrow, do NOT purchase any other item in the event shop. You can get an additional 1560 Dragon Medals from the Bonus track. You can unlock the bonus track after you complete the free event pass.

Dragon Festival Pass Rewards

You can unlock many extra rewards if you BUY the event pass. Here are the rewards for the FREE PASS and the EVENT PASS in the Dragon Festival.

Red Envelope TierFree RewardsEvent Pass Rewards
100100 Dragon Medals20 Glowy Ore
30015% Training Boost500 Dragon Medals
6001000 Shiny Ore20 Glowy Ore
1000Firecracker Temp Troop1050 Dragon Medals
1500150 Dragon Medals30 Glowy Ore
200030% Training Boost500 Dragon Medals
25001200 Shiny Ore30 Glowy Ore
3000Azure Dragon Temp Troop1050 Dragon Medals
3500350 Dragon Medals40 Glowy Ore
400015 Glowy Ore500 Dragon Medals
47501300 Shiny Ore40 Glowy Ore
550015 Glowy Ore10 Starry Ore
6250400 Dragon Medals60 Glowy Ore
700030 Glowy OreBaby Dragon Statue
77501500 Shiny Ore60 Glowy Ore
8500100 Glowy Ore15 Starry Ore
9250450 Dragon Medals70 Glowy Ore
1000045 Glowy Ore600 Dragon Medals
11000500 Dragon Medals70 Glowy Ore
12000150 Glowy Ore20 Starry Ore
13000550 Dragon Medals80 Glowy Ore
1400045 Glowy Ore800 Dragon Medals
15000600 Dragon Medals80 Glowy Ore
16000Dragon Pinata 35 Starry Ore

Here’s a list of how many Red Envelopes that you need to get the extra Dragon Medals in the bonus track.

Additional Red Envelopes CollectedBonus Reward
1000130 Dragon Medals
2000130 Dragon Medals
4000130 Dragon Medals
6000130 Dragon Medals
8000130 Dragon Medals
11000130 Dragon Medals
14000130 Dragon Medals
17000130 Dragon Medals
20000130 Dragon Medals
24000130 Dragon Medals
28000130 Dragon Medals
32000130 Dragon Medals

NEW EPIC Equipment for Archer Queen: The Frozen Arrow

You can get the frozen arrow by using the dragon medals in the dragon festival shop at the trader. The frozen arrow slows down the target that the archer queen is attacking. It also gives the archer queen a damage per second (DPS) boost. The details of how many ores it will take you to upgrade and the stats are shared in the table below.

LevelSlow Down %Slow Down DurationHero DPS IncreaseShiny OreGlowy OreStarry OreBlacksmith Level

New event troops in the Dragon Festival: Azure Dragon and Firecracker

The Dragon Festival has two new temporary event troops in Clash of Clans. Both of these troops can be used in many strategies that can help you get three stars in war. Watch the video below to get more insights on using them in your attacks. You can unlock the event troops in the FREE Dragon Festival pass itself.

Dragon Festival Shop at the Trader

You can use the Dragon Medal to buy various items at the Trader during the Dragon Festival. This shop will open for a limited time during the event, so make sure you use all your dragon medals before the event ends. Here’s a list of all the items you can buy at the trader and their cost.

ItemDragon Medals
Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment3100
Dragon Warden Skin4650
Starry Ore x6320
Glowy Ore x60280
Shiny Ore x350325
Lucky Anchor Decoration1025
Crab at Home Decoration1025
Rune of Builder Elixir3100
Rune of Builder Gold3100
Rune of Elixir3100
Rune of Gold3100
Book of Spells1900
Book of Building1900
Book of Fighting1900
Book of Heroes1030
Shovel of Obstacles1030
Builder Potion590
Wall Ring x5515
Power Potion 310
Research Potion250
Pet Potion250
Builder Star Jar200
Resource Potion240
Clock Tower Potion150
Training Potion50
Lunar New Year Clan House Roof515
Lunar New year Clan House Deco515
Elixir x90K15
Gold x90K15

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