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Welcome to a first sneaky preview of the Clash of Clans Autumn / Clash-O-Ween Update! Today we are sharing the balance changes that will be implemented once the update is live (date TBC). We’ve got some pretty good discounts for Dark Elixir Troops along with some balancing of various units. Check out the details below!


As part of an ongoing and endless pursuit to make Clash of Clans the best battle game ever, we are constantly analyzing game balance to ensure the game remains fair, yet challenging. In this update we are introducing a few rounds of balancing to Troops and Defenses.

Wall Breakers (wbs)

  • Wall Breakers will now be able to use Jump Spells!
  • Wbs AI has been improved for greater target consistency and reduces the chance of them attacking different Wall segments when deployed;
  • Some attack damage has been shifted to the Wall Breakers’ exploding damage to make them more predictable and viable, assuming max Laboratory level for your Town Hall level:
    • 1x Raged Wall Breaker will destroy a Wall
    • 2x Wall Breakers will destroy up to level 9 Wall (TH9 and below).
    • 3x Wall Breakers will destroy a level 10+ Wall (TH9 and up).
    • 6x Wall Breakers can destroy a level 10+ Wall (TH9 and up) if they die in proximity.
  • Please refer to the table below for the updated Wall Breaker damage stats. NOTE: All damage versus Walls have a 40x damage multiplier.
LevelHit DamageDeath Damage

Electro Dragon

  • Electro Dragon’s Chain Lightning will now prefer targets with the highest hit points if multiple targets are equidistant.

Siege Barracks

  • To give Wizards a little bit of breathing room and comply with international Clash Labor Laws, the Level 4 Siege Barracks Wizards have been reduced from 12 to 11.

Super Archer

  • Super Archer will no longer miss targets within 0.1 tiles of her.

Inferno Dragon

  • Inferno Dragon’s beam will no longer heat up while flying; however, the charge-up time for higher damage levels has been reduced.

General flying units AI change

  • Improved the AI for all flying units by not forcing them to retarget when a Hidden Tesla appears when their current target is better.

Skeleton Spell

  • The number of Skeletons spawned at each level has been increased by 1 Skeleton.

Air Defense

  • Hit points of Level 8 Air Defense (Town Hall 10) have been increased by 10 HP, making them more resistant to Lightning Spell strikes.


We have reduced upgrade times and costs for multiple Dark Elixir troops. For the full list of changes refer to the tables below!

TroopLevelOld Upgrade Time (Days)New Upgrade Time (Days)Old Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)New Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)
Minion23210 00010 000
33.52.520 00015 000
44330 00020 000
55.5440 00030 000
67.5550 00040 000
711.57.5140 00090 000
81414180 000180 000
915.515.5250 000250 000
Hog Rider23.52.520 00015 000
34330 00020 000
44.53.540 00025 000
564.550 00035 000
67.55.560 00050 000
711.58150 000100 000
81412200 000180 000
91414240 000240 000
101616280 000280 000
Valkyrie243.540 00025 000
35.5450 00030 000
46.54.560 00035 000
58670 00060 000
611.58.5150 000110 000
71414190 000190 000
81616260 000260 000
Golem243.550 00030 000
35.5460 00035 000
46.54.570 00040 000
58680 00070 000
69.57.5120 000100 000
711.58180 000120 000
81412200 000180 000
91414220 000220 000
101616270 000270 000
Witch26575 00050 000
396.5120 00080 000
4129.5160 000130 000
51414200 000200 000
Lava Hound26.5560 00050 000
386.570 00070 000
411.59150 000125 000
51414200 000200 000
61616270 000270 000
Bowler28.57120 00090 000
31210160 000140 000
41414200 000200 000
51616280 000280 000

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